The Impact of Web Media Source & Definition Download in Today’s Modern Society

Staff Writer: Max Smith


There are different kinds of media that can be found on the web. Many people can see and hear media through radios and televisions. However, a new type of media is becoming more prominent as the Internet starts to evolve and it is called the web media. This type of media is focused mainly on the Internet and all the people surfing into it. This is the fastest growing type of media nowadays because more people are getting inclined with the use of the Internet in their daily lives.


There are many kinds of web media, which most people are not commonly aware of and one of which is the electronic mail or most commonly abbreviated as email. Email is under the Many-to-Many networking is focused on connecting with other people from various places in the world. It is one of the most commonly used type of media by people around the world and is also the most effective type of media rather than the traditional way of sending letters and notices.


Another form of this media is the instant messenger. This type of media is commonly used by many people to talk with someone even though they are separated from each other. It connects people that are separated by time and place and is being used in business as a means to communicate with employees or employers. The convenience of using these messenger applications has been the main tool for people to communicate with each other.


The database is also a form of a media used in the Internet. For all we know, a database is a program that holds the different information inputted by the user or the owner. With the database being used in the web, it makes the interaction between the viewer and the webpage owner more active. A best example of this is the social networking sites where people can share their profiles, information, and the current update in their lives. You can also search through the web depending on your category, topics, sub topics, and the other terms that you would like to use. You can also filter out information in the web depending on how you want it to be presented and all of these are based on databases.


Another form of media is the print media. Print media involves the materials that are being showed in the website’s page. The information or the updates are being sent and uploaded so that the viewers can see it. It can be a profile, an article, news, or anything that a viewer wants to see and read. This is one of the most common Medias found on the Internet since the Internet is full of information and resources.


One of the most captivating media is the ones that are broadcasted live or commonly known as streaming media. Streaming media is not just involved in live broadcasts of news and videos but also about the updates being posted on the website. For example, look on the websites of different the news programs. They constantly change their front page every time breaking news comes in. They post videos, interviews, and live broadcast from their program to their website. Streaming media attracts many people to be more addicted on the Internet. In fact, live broadcasts can also be watch or heard on the Internet.


Media downloads is also a common type of media on the web. Many sites offer free downloading of anything that you want such as articles, videos, images, software and many more. However, there is always a restriction when it comes to copyrights of these media downloads. Some companies may want to keep it for themselves. Therefore, those who illegally download their media will pay an amount for not abiding the rules of media downloading. Moreover, a person can also be put in jail if his or her actions are unforgivable.


Another form of media is the source media. Popular websites like YouTube and My space are the major contributors of these types of media’s. With this type of media, people can view or watch different materials on the web. There are those educational videos for kids and adults, there are personal views and opinions, own versions of songs and dance and many more. This makes it possible for these people to be creative in things that they want to show or express. Their audience is the whole world making media to be the top used in Internet. Major search engines are also an example of source media.


People are always on the go. As life goes on, people are becoming busier for some reasons. Therefore, mobile phones these days can also be used as a web media. They are able to receive updates regarding the latest news and trends. There seems to be a new model of mobile devices every week that suits with the needs of people. Most people use these devices to connect in the Internet, to feed them updates, to make blog entries, and send some pictures.


The most common media is the images that we see on the net. Images are the foundations of a good web design. If the images that you use are inappropriate and not properly designed, then it will leave your page unviewed by your visitors. To some people, images are their basis to view one’s page. If it is not presentable, then they will just ignore it. For example, streamers, ads and devices can also be found on the Internet. Without these images, the Internet is dull and boring.


Because of today’s modern living, many people have redefined the media definition. You can do almost everything in the Internet. You can expect that as time goes by, many types of media will arise and it will redefine a new media definition.

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