The importance of brand awareness

Brand awareness is something that all business owners need to be focused on all of the time and ensuring that a brand is instantly recognisable should be an on-going target for all business people. Building a brand is hard work and it takes time to get an audience to recognise a particular brand just from seeing a logo or a company name but this is something that will help to take any business to the next level of success.

Building a Brand

There are lots of things that need to be done in order to build a brand and professionally designed LED signs in Perth or any other large city or town can be ordered from an established sign design company.

Both online and offline branding will need to be done and this will involve all of the following:

  • Designing and building a website
  • Setting up an email marketing campaign
  • Utilising social media
  • Printing branded business cards, flyers and stationery
  • Placing adverts in print such as in newspapers and magazines

Creating a brand that people will recognise will take some time and it involves doing all kinds of tricks, such as using one set colour scheme on everything from a website to business cards and ensuring that the logo is simple and easy to recognise.


One of the simplest yet most effective ways to advertise a business is to have great signage that can be used for a number of different purposes, from promoting a brand through to advertising a specific product or service.

Below are a few things that can be done to boost brand awareness by using good signs:

  • Place the company logo on every sign
  • Use the same colours and text font on different signs, to ensure they work well together
  • Erect signs that are visible at night as well as during the day by using LED lights
  • Put signs up outside a place of business to direct people inside
  • Use signs far away from a business to show people how to get there

Some business owners will choose to use humour in their signs to get attention, while others may prefer to use bright colours or LED lights to ensure that their sign stands out from the competition.

But how do you know where to get your LED signs?

It is important to ensure that the signs represent a business well, as cheap looking signs will have a negative effect on branding rather than a positive one so always make sure that the signs are good quality. This means it is vital to use a well-established company to design and create the signs and it is easy to do some background research on a sign design company by reading reviews written by past customers.

Boosting brand awareness is something that all business owners need to do all of the time, whether through new signs, via an email marketing campaign or by handing out business cards.

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