The ins and outs of traffic exchanges including the #1 and free manual surf exchange programs for your .com business

Every Internet marketer has heard the term free manual traffic exchange.  Although to the newbie to the Internet this may be foreign it is something that they will soon learn.  When starting out in Internet marketing, the lingo and techniques may not click right away.  It is a knowledge that takes learning and understanding just as any study that one wishes to pursue.  Free manual traffic exchange is the driving of traffic to ones website.  This is done in somewhat of a group effort.  Where there are numerous sites available to join for free on the Internet each has the same agenda, to drive traffic to the member’s sites.  The free manual traffic exchange is dedicated members or subscribers who are committed to view one another’s ads to achieve hits or visitors to one another’s websites along with product promotion.


Typically the Internet marketer does not just join 1 traffic exchange but numerous traffic exchanges.  The advantage of this is that the marketer is building thousands of hits to his website.  The program must be worked properly in order for this to happen.  Just joining with good intentions will not be enough. It requires regular involvement.  This may be every day or a few times a week but the member or subscriber must view others ads on a regular basis in order to have their ads viewed.  The second option that the member will have is that they can upgrade for a set amount each month and receive additional credits or they can purchase additional credits.  Both are fairly low cost and both will provide you with additional hits to your website. And when striving to reach search engine optimization traffic exchange programs should not be overlooked.


Traffic exchange traffic is a visitor or vote in the search engine rankings for every one view you receive.   This can be a very inexpensive way to build your ranking.  Although time consuming it is cost effective.  The traffic exchanges operate on a ratio of the member viewing ‘x” amount of websites and receives “x” amount of views or hits in return.  Typically in order to have a 1″1 ratio, the member will have to upgrade.  This is very advisable as it will save you time and increase your visitors to your website.


Being your search engine optimization campaigning with a well devised plan of action.  You will want to include two or three forms of advertising.  This may include two or three traffic exchanges and possible Pay Per Click along with one or two others.  The best traffic exchanges are the manual.  EasyHits4You is one of the most recognized on the Internet today; however, with a “traffic exchange com” search you will find that there are numerous high ranking traffic exchange programs.


TrafficG is another excellent free manual traffic exchange.  It too has upgrades and contests for the user to participate in throughout the month.   The ratios vary for the free user to the upgraded or paid user.


Another service that the manual traffic exchanges offer is the ability to advertise in banner form.  This is a great way for members to draw attention to other members their business or product promotion.  Banner advertising is relatively inexpensive through the free manual traffic exchanges and a great way to gain exposure.  The product or business that is seen everywhere someone goes is one that draws interest.  It is advisable to advertise on as many manual traffic exchanges as possible.  This may not be achievable through surfing each site but you can purchase banner campaigns.  Getting your business or product exposure as many places as possible is valuable and continually seeing something draws interest.


Owning a traffic exchange may be another avenue to consider.  Traffic exchanges are popular and a productive traffic exchange will produce about $250 a week.  This may not sound like a huge amount but you will be building a list of other marketers and you will have endless opportunity to promote your own websites.  This is something that if you are in Affiliate Marketing could be a huge advantage in your product promotion.  As an owner you will have the option to have as many sites as you wish viewed by others and for as many times.  This is one very wise option in building product promotion.  Building the members in your traffic exchange will take work but with proper advertising can be done without relatively much involvement.  Word of mouth will be the most productive here.  Advertising through social sites, forums and safe lists as well as other traffic exchanges will generate a ton of interest.  It is also advisable to give something away such as an upgrade until you have your list where you would like it to be. Traffic exchanges are relatively reasonably priced normally at a couple hundred dollars.


Begin your traffic exchange campaigning and make it regular.  This is one simple way to yield thousands of visitors to your site.  If you do not have the time to invest viewing other member’s sites then you can upgrade your membership receiving additional credits and purchase credits.  With an upgraded membership you will pay month the set amount and you will receive additional credits.  Take advantage of the traffic exchanges they will produce results.   It is wise to join more than one.  Compare the different traffic exchanges look at the members see how popular the new traffic exchanges are and what perks they are offering to have new members join.  This is a great way to get in some place at ground level and receive incentives to do so.  Every visitor counts and every visitor is a search engine vote in your rankings.  Make your advertising on the Internet productive.


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