The Internet Marketing Search Engine has evolved: Think Beyond Google and consider YouTube

Staff writer: Kate Kishel

Date: 7.25.2012




When you think “internet marketing search engines,” Google is probably the first thing that comes to mind.  If asked to name more, you might say Yahoo, or maybe Lycos (if you have a really good memory).  YouTube is not only one of the largest search engines available, it can make for a wonderful tool when looking to start or strengthen your online marketing presence.


Many people enjoy YouTube.  It can be funny, entertaining, and informative.  Even better, it is very easy to share YouTube videos.  In the world of internet marketing, having anything with your name on it go viral would be a dream.  Regular people with no known intention of seeking stardom have posted home videos of their cute kids singing a song, later to have been invited on major television shows.


  • How to make YouTube help your business


Google will often post YouTube videos under search results, so your potential customers can see your business in two internet marketing search engines at the same time.  Short videos tend to be much more interactive for potential clients than reading a sales letter.  Think of it as a first impression: if a potential customer watches your video on YouTube, he or she now has more than a picture and a name.


It is slightly similar to a real-life interaction.  It can also be a positive addition to your company’s online presence.



  • The 4 unofficial rules of making a YouTube video


YouTube videos are easy to upload and easy to make.  There are a few simple ways to make the right video.


  1.  Ideally, it should be under 2 minutes long
  2. The sound should be clear
  3. The picture has to look OK (avoid the “shaky cam” effect)
  4. You should aim to have a good title that relates to your video content


A useful way to figure out what people like is to visit Youtube’s website and see what is most popular at the moment.


Don’t be afraid to get creative, but keep in mind that you are representing your company with anything you post, so try not to be overtly offensive. You don’t need a ton of production equipment or a film editor.  The best videos are natural and fun.


  • What YouTube has to offer the world of internet marketing


It’s widely repeated in any type of marketing class or seminar to show what you can do rather than say that you can do it.   Usually this is in reference to writing a sales or cover letter.  A skilled marketer used to only have to rely on words to “show” the reader what hair dye was better or what car mechanic was the best in town.  Today, what better way to do this than a short video that anyone can access with one click?


Thanks to T.V., commercials began to take precedence over newspaper ads.  Now you have the same advantage for free with Youtube.  You can introduce yourself, interview experts, etc.  The point has to be to add value, whether that is in the form of a short laugh, building credibility, or providing new information.


All search engines have a point to them, and YouTube is not different in that regard.  The point has always been to give people what they are looking for with the best delivery method possible.  Maybe you cannot always count on a video going viral, but it can get your name out there in a positive way.

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