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Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/23/2009

Business entrepreneurs and business owners hit the World Wide Web like a bolt of lightning as the Internet shook the world with a new technology and a concept that had not been seen before.  Today for the Internet businessman or woman it is no different.  The iron is still hot and many are still striking gold.


With so many success stories it is hard not to imagine that you could possibly be the next.  That is where the Internet holds an outstanding record.  It doesn’t take a scholar or a wealthy pocket book to make success it takes knowledge, dedication and hard work to reach the goals of stardom.


Internet marketing is a skill and a talent that can be quickly achieved and put into action.  There are those that pose a special gift where everything just clicks and falls into place but for most of us it takes hard work.


If you have an Internet business you probably are aware of all the different marketing methods that webmasters use to promote their sites. And, you are probably aware that traffic exchange sites are one of the “hottest” methods on the Internet.


Many Internet marketers are so enthused about traffic exchanges that they have built or purchased their own traffic exchange.


To buy traffic exchange is relatively simple.  There are many networks on the World Wide Web that offer traffic exchanges for sale at a relatively inexpensive site.  When you consider how quickly traffic exchanges grow and the amount of income you can generate from a traffic exchange it is an excellent deal.


Operating a successful traffic exchange takes dedication.  The traffic exchange owner needs to be available daily to approve sites and answer support tickets.  As you search the Internet for the top traffic exchange programs you will find that the leaders normally have weekly or monthly surfing contests in which they award cash or credit prizes and a nice referral program.  These are two great ingredients to help your business grow.  The surfing contests will encourage members to upgrade their membership thus generating extra income for the owner.


Designing and building your own traffic exchange site can also be mastered through either the use of a free traffic exchange script or a paid traffic exchange script.  The scripts are fairly easy to install and one of your main concerns will be your hosting.  You will want to make certain that you are being hosted through a site that will allow the installation of the script and that your web site will have enough bandwidth not to experience episodes of downtime.


There are many free traffic exchange scripts on the market that offer excellent features and support.  Which is a plus when building a business.  You will definitely want something that will grow with your business and that will attract members.  Not to mention make the task of being a traffic exchange owner easy.  This will include the automation of features such as new member referrals, upgrades, the purchase of credits, and PayPal. A Google search will yield many free traffic exchange script opportunities and provide a little background on each.  It is wise to access the forum to the scripts if any offer a forum.  It is also advisable to search for a traffic exchange script forum and see what others have to say about the different scripts.


When investigating traffic exchanges take a look at potop the next generation traffic exchange.  Potop the next generation traffic exchange has been in existence since 1999 and has an outstanding record.  The owners have built a wonderful traffic exchange that many marketers depend on and that many marketers are very involved in.


Potop hosts 40 Top sites and 11 PTM=CJ sites at once.  Members can fill in one simple form and join all of them at once.  The site is fully cheat proof and the webmasters sites are seen by other marketers.  Potop-the Next Generation Traffic Exchange receive millions of hits each day.  A marketer can quickly achieve the results through joining the network and putting an effort into surfing.


Traffic exchange programs can be made fun.  While some marketers may get pleasure in sites such as Potop the Next Generation Traffic Exchange others may get pleasure in sites such as Traffic Exchange Twist.  Traffic Exchange Twist offers their members cash rewards for surfing.  This is very attractable to members.  Surfing sites can be a tedious job and receiving cash rewards often times puts a little pleasure into it. Traffic Exchange Twist not only has manual surf in which they pay their members to surf they have an autosurf in which they pay their members to surf.


Video traffic exchange or leads by video is another way to exchange traffic.  The site owners will exchange views of promotion video ads with the hopes of driving website traffic to their site.  Better the quality and target relevance, greater the chance of the webmaster receiving additional traffic.


The concept is unique as you must watch three videos in order to have your site in a playlist position.  However, your site can receive an unlimited amount of views, especially if the subject is interesting and the video quality of the picture is good. Targeting the niche market is also equally important.


This is an interesting concept and a great way to gain additional exposure for your site.  With a high quality video and relevant content your website may get exposure that you did not dream of.


The topic of traffic exchanges could go on forever.  It is one of the most popular forms of marketing on the Internet for the small and low budget business.  It is a great asset to every webmaster.  A simple Google search will yield many results.  You may choose to go to a forum or look up the different site I mentioned; each is extremely good and will help any marketer to succeed. Like in any other business, it is hard work, perseverance, dedication and good quality of content that will lead you to success.


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