The New Google Algorithm, Penguin, Makes SEO Services USA Valued as Offshored Content Gets Penalized

Staff writer: Erica Curcio

Date: 7.9.2012


Structure.  Most people need a little bit of structure or guidance in their lives to reach their most productive potential, and sometimes that structure has to alter a little bit as consistent routine seems to dull out after a while. You get into habits and that can lead to a rut. No one can be happy or productive when stuck in a rut, and once your there it can be challenging to get out of.


That’s where change comes into play; some people resist change, but when the routine dulls out, change is the best thing for you. Changes can happen in many forms, subtle or large. Sometimes there can be so much change at once that you welcome a routine. Most people are in a 9-5 daily schedule: pick up the kids, dinner, veg’ing out in front of the TV and then bed. If you’re reading this and resonating with that, then it’s time to start thinking out of the box.


That’s just what the popular web engine Google has done. Google SEO services  have improved their game when it comes to producing websites that they deem are the best, valuing SEO services USA over low-quality content produced overseas. Googlehas created an algorithm named Penguin, which has the ability to sort through each website on the internet, per what you, the “surfer”, has typed in the search bar and not only come up with websites that match the keywords you typed in, but sift through all the content and deliver the most quality content.


It is a remarkable change that has lead to businesses who were formerly outsourcing their SEO work overseas to hire SEO services USA to ensure that they stay at the top of the search engine results pages. Most people are unaware of how search engines work, and are not even aware of what amazing technology it is to be able to develop that.


There are literally billions of informational sources on the internet, and the little engine tool that could “Penguin” can deliver the best of it RIGHT to your fingertips! In the past web result pages were only linked to the matching keywords on the sites. You may remember the early days of the internet, when pages were surfed for the keywords only, with no regard for the quality of the content. People began writing for Google, rather than for humans.  In an attempt to get as much content with as many as backlinks as possible, companies began outsourcing their content overseas to people who were not native English speakers, leading to low quality content from “content mills”.


Most of the web page content had little or no value to what you may have actually needed. Google tried to put their foot down when they implemented the Google Panda algorithm, but abuses still existed.  With Penguin, Google has changed that. Not only do the web developers have to put in RELEVANT keywords, but they must have quality content and appropriate links! Links are how others find the website, and get linked to other websites with similar content.


Search marketing Los Angeleshas always been a tough area to gain control of this. SEO firm California has upped their game and has decided to change the way they work. As a result of this, marketers in the state of California have had to improve their game and bring writing jobs back to the United States in order to meet the new Google search requirement guidelines.

If you’re a SOCAL local and Google designated that your website is not up to par, then it is time you look into hiring a good southern California SEO company. These companies will give you top Hollywood marketing service. They will develop your links, content, and quality so that you are in good standings and ready for Google!  Penguin may have made things a bit harder for website developers but you can rest assured that when you’re searching the internet the information that you’re looking for can be found more effectively.


Google was tired of the old boring routine, they needed to jump out of the rut and Penguin was just the fire under the seat that they needed.  Now, when you are found, viewers will be engaged by the content on your site and be encouraged to stay on your page and click on your links, rather than be turned off by the poor quality of the content written overseas.

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