The New Magazine with Most Popular Online Classifieds of Ads as the Modern Form of Advertising

Staff Writer: Max Smith

Date: 09/25/2009

New online classifieds are cropping up on the Internet everywhere because of the advantage in the number of prospective customers that it can reach. Classified advertising was commonly seen in newspapers and other periodicals in the past years. Its difference from a standard advertising is that it allows a private individual to solicit sales for a particular product or service. This means that in classified ads, advertisements are not limited to companies and other corporate entities.


The term “classified advertising” is used for this kind of advertisement because when published, different products and services are grouped under their respective headings. The advantage it brings to the reader is that he or she does not have to search the whole page listing in search of a particular item he wants. He or she only needs to look for the right heading, search under these specific listings and find what he is looking for. A newspaper or magazine also has a separate page that is devoted solely for classified ads so the reader can readily go directly to the page. This is opposed to the concepts of display advertising, which involves distribution throughout the newspaper or magazine and contains a combination of texts, graphics and other visual arts.


Classified advertisements are commonly just texts usually indicating name and contact number of the person that is advertising. This allows an interested party to contact the advertiser easily in case he or she likes the product or service being offered. It can also be made into a more detailed advertisement like adding a detailed description of the product being sold such as the size and color especially for clothing products. Various categories of classified advertisements have their opposing descriptive texts so the buyer can readily decide if it fits his or her interests. Further discussions on the product can be done by calling the contact number provided or by visiting a contact person indicated on the classified ads. Printed classified advertisements are commonly printed in just a few lines filled with abbreviated words to save on advertising cost and newspaper space.


Classified Advertising on the Web


The widespread use of the Internet has brought the traditional magazine online. These online magazines have all the features of the printed form except that on the Internet, it can be perused free. This also allows the magazine to reach a wider audience. This advantage has also attracted the attention of advertisers resulting to a magazine with online classifieds commonly found online. Aside from its broader spectrum, online classified ads have the advantage of being able to show images or video footage of the product or service being sold. Traditional classified ads cannot match this unique feature of online classifieds.


Advertising using the new online classifieds also gives the option of changing the price of a product or a service within a short notice. It is common to see the price of the product or service you are browsing change right before your eyes. A product or a service can also be sold online so the transaction time on sales is faster. This allows more sales activities in a day, which would eventually promote business prosperity. A product that has been sold can also be labelled in an instant so that the succeeding costumers can immediately know when to look for another item. Therefore, a magazine with online classifieds can have more readers because of the convenience that it can provide to its users.


Choosing the Right Online Classified Sites


Some of the most popular online classifieds have already become common terms so somebody who needs to have something can immediately go to the particular site by browsing the Internet. This popularity was achieved because of the ability of these online classifieds to increase a buyer’s confidence. The auction style feature of these classified ads allows a buyer to bid on an item incrementally.

Another feature of online classifieds is its capacity to classify results in categories. This allows a buyer to compare items side by side. This also enables the consumers to decide more practically on the item that they are trying to purchase and at the same time compare any defects that may be present in an item. Buyers have now become wiser in buying products due to the convenient features that they can enjoy with online purchases. This can be aided by the online product or service reviews that are available on the website itself or by browsing other sources. A comprehensive search list focuses the search process to the related items allowing the consumers to find and compare items according to utility and price.


The most popular online classifieds have achieved their status because the service they provide cannot be found on other sites and on printed sources. What has become a new venue for classified advertising also became a modern day trading post with its usefulness outclassing its modern day contemporaries. Since modern day marketing is characterized by fast but efficient transactions of sales and services, a business cannot be left behind in terms of advertising if it is to compete in its chosen field. This is not a problem for big companies and corporations who have the resources to mount multimillion dollar marketing and advertising campaigns. However, this is not the case with small sale businesses operating on a very limited capital especially if it happens to be a start up or home-based business. Classified advertising on the Internet gives them the option of having their product or service be seen by the most number of people at a minimal cost to the advertiser.


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