The Popular Adult Content Sites and Search Engine, Engine Submission Service

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/20/2009

With the vast amount of information available on the internet, there are many subjects and sites that must and should be seen and read only by adults. To facilitate searching of such information, some adult searches engines have begun that will help you find relevant adult information. Most of the adult search engines will require registering to ensure that you give all the correct information and are of the right age to browse such content. These adult search engines will help you find sites that deal in porn, adult education and much more.

If you are a webmaster you know that you need to submit to a search enginefor the spiders to track your site. However before you submit to search an engine, you need to be sure that you have used the right keywords in the Meta tags of your site. This will also help you use the free Meta Tag generator that some website submission sites offer. This assures your site the best placement when you submit to search engines. There are certain points to remember when you submit to search engine –submit your URL only once in a month and never more. If you make multiple submissions, the search engine may consider it as spamming and ban your site from being listed forever. Further submitting to search engines is not enough,you need to keepreviewingyour position to ensure the rankings in the search engine listings are high. Over 30% of sites that are submitted to search engines have problems of this nature which prevents them from ranking high in the search engine results. To tackle this problem you can avail the services of a search engine submission service who will not only help you successfully submit to search engine but also review the site’s positioning regularly and take steps to keep it ranking high at all times. Some of them will also offer you search engine optimizationservice at an extra cost that ensures your site ranks high at all times. Before enrolling with a search engine submission service, check how many search engines they would be submitting to.  Many services offer quite a few.  Also, get to know the links that will help you track your site regularly. The other services you need to look out for are do-it-yourself Meta tags, competitor analysis, position check, and keyword density checker.

There are many search engine submission service firms and choosing the right one can be quite difficult. The fact is the search engine submission services are not provided by search engines themselves. There are companies or websites who use search engine optimization tool and techniques to highlight your online presence. How do you know which search engine submission service to choose. The service you choose should respond quickly to your search engine submission request, be reliable in their submission service and provide you proof of their previous work and should preferably have a positive customer feedback.

Some of the very common search engine submission services which you may access to submit your URL are:

  1.  SearchSubmit
  2. AddMe
  3. AddPro
  4. Elogicwebsolutions
  5. WebPosition.


These services practice website promotion not just by simply submitting the website to thousands of search engines. They actually help generate traffic and revenue thereby by tweaking the site and including specific keywords which popular search engines feature and their spiders search for. This tweaking is otherwise known as search engine optimizationand is a part and parcel of search engine submission services.

Millions of people are searching for information through popular search engines on the internet every day. There is not a single country on earth now that is not connected with the World Wide Web. This considerably increases the business potential of possible product in the world. Popular search engines are not used to gain information only, but many sales are also conducted from the results shown by these search engines. Popular search engines are a way to glimpse into the endless ocean of internet and discover various things by just keying in keywords and phrases. The very mention of popular search engines brings to mind Google, Yahoo and MSN. The other popular search engines in specific areas and fields are AOL hot searches, Lycox 50 and Dogpile SearchSpy. Many popular search engines have been prompted, by their own success to introduce commercial aspects of their site. Fortunately, this does not affect the ranking or display of results and the regular browser can still find information freely unbiased by the website’s commercial standing. As getting listed by these popular search engines increases the potential of revenue, targeted traffic and internet recognition, webmasters have started to indulge in search engine optimizationpractices. Excessive practice of this optimization is called spamming as the result is the ultimate list displayed by the popular search engines has only a few sites relevant to the topic while the others would have the keyword but not the required information. To control this menace popular search engines have deemed this practice a black hat SEO and sites indulging in this practice are banned from all popular search engines. There is absolutely no doubt that these search engines have made searching on the internet considerably easy as otherwise the browsers would have had to either remember / write down all the sites or search for the sites themselves each time they needed any information. The world of Information and Technology has grown leaps and bounds since the introduction of popular search engines. While it is good that search engines help us find the required information, most of the results that pop up in recent times are heavily optimized with keywords and thus the actual content of the site is sometimes lost. Search engines can be used not only to search for sites, but for understanding the way people search for sites too like for example through keywords and phrases or as the most popularly visited site or blog. That is why search engines have also introduced Advanced Search wherein you can make refined searches such as articles between published dates, or more specific searches like collections etc.

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