The right traffic exchange script to build your own manual exchange and the Walker Traffic Exchange Script that works

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/23/2009

When taking the step into eBusiness from a traditional business or nonexistent business the world becomes virtual and global. Tradition is not necessarily the value on the World Wide Web as the business owner does not need to seek the hometown professional but has the world at their disposal.  Although many companies prefer the local or “in their state” services for the shear convenience of communication between them and the company it is not necessary. Most professional services will concentrate on the major search engines which are Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask search engines.  Search engine optimization is something that can be done through anyone in the world, including the webmaster or affiliates themselves.


Traffic exchange programs are a great way to generate traffic to your website.  Through traffic exchange programs a webmaster or affiliate can gain thousands of hits to their site each month.  The two main types of traffic exchanges are the manual traffic exchange programs and the auto surf traffic exchange programs.  If the webmaster or affiliate is seeking both product promotion and site exposure the preference will be the manual traffic exchange.  Advertising to achieve higher rankings in search engines through programs such as traffic exchange with a combination of other techniques will yield the greatest amount of hits to your site.


When a webmaster seeks search engine optimization he will begin with optimizing his website then furthering to keywords and a combination of advertising methods such as email campaigning and traffic exchanges.  Although with most forms of advertising the webmaster or affiliate will seek to target his centered or most interested audience for his product or service traffic exchange advertising will not be a targeted audience but that of other Internet marketers.


Many webmasters and affiliates have realized the potential in the ownership of traffic exchanges.  A good traffic exchange generates income.  This can increase rapidly as traffic exchanges are fast growing.  The traffic exchange ownership involves daily attention.  The owner will be responsible for approving webmasters sites and for answering support tickets.  Although this may not sound like much work it will acquire attention.  Traffic exchange owners normally become quite familiar with their members as they award them with incentives and sponsor contests throughout the month.  This is a great way to rally spirit and enthusiasm for the site thus generating more incoming members.


Traffic exchange programs not only consist of proper management but of proper advertising.  This will include advertising by the administration and by other members.  All traffic exchange programs offer their members incentives for referring new members.  This may be in the form of cash or it may be in the form of credits.  This is a great way to build a downline for the existing members and for the traffic exchange owner to build a list and following to his site and other sites which he may promote.


Traffic exchange programs are not relatively difficult to build.  You will need to begin with a hosting and site builder for your traffic exchange.  You will want to make certain that you chose a hosting that can accommodate your traffic exchange and that you opt for enough bandwidth that you will not have disabled time.


Choosing a script will be relatively simple.  Walker Traffic Exchange Script is one such script that is a professional traffic exchange script for the construction of traffic exchanges.  This is an advanced traffic exchange script that allows you to construct your site quickly and with the utmost of ease.  The script uses MySQL database allowing limitless members and transactions to the exchange.  The Walker Traffic Exchange Script constructs a traffic exchange with features that will keep any traffic exchange at the top.  Such features as a multi level reward system for auto or manual surfing.  Banner exchange helping webmasters to increase their revenue, site exposure and clicks, incentives such as cash and credits to members for the promotion and winning of contests and games,  anti cheat functions in which a button or captcha will be installed before the next site can be viewed, site reporting with accurate record keeping of each members account for the administration and for the members personal site accounting, site statistics with real-time graphs, commissions and cash account,   and downline management.  The administration will have complete control and support over the script through a simple understandable and powerful control panel.  The Walker Traffic Exchange Script integrates with PayPal IPN becoming a totally automated financial processor which helps in the insurance and effectiveness of the proper function of the payment process.


Walker Traffic Exchange Script offers the backup support of their customer service as well as a blog for their customers to ask questions post comments or be informed of new techniques and information.  You will be able to ask any questions there (typically used for general non emergency questions) and receive feedback and comments.


Walker Traffic Exchange Script provides a blog for their customers that will inform them of the most up to date information on services and software, ideas and suggestions.


The service and support to the traffic exchange script owner is five stars.   The company is backed with their reputation of quality service and product and successful clientele.


There are many reputable companies on the World Wide Web and it will not be difficult to choose a script that is right for you.  Make certain to do a background check and that the company offers the support you will need almost instantly.  Downtime on your traffic exchange could mean your reputation.  Go with one that you know has the backing of reputation and satisfied customers.

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