The Robots .txt Generator – How it is used by SEO.

Robots .txt generator is a tool designed by SEO for public use. It allows web users to create the robots .txt file quickly which are needed for instructing search engines about certain segments in the website that would not be indexed and would be denied access to general web public. This feature is the basic activity of robots .txt generator. It provides users a way to log onto FTP server and select the documents and directories that would not be searchable. This is a very simple tool that is placed at the root. To install the robots .txt generator a user agent (robot) has to be selected. This is followed by typing the folders or web pages the website owner does not want indexed by search engines. Once the “Add” button is clicked, the files would not get indexed by robots .txt file.


This step is repeated till all files and folders have been added under the user agent. When this step is completed, clicking on “Copy Code” saves the robots .txt code in the text file and can be uploaded on the server. For installing the robots .txt generator, the user agent that is selected is usually Google, Alta Vista and others where the directories or files, which one desires not to be indexed, are loaded and named robots .txt file. Later it is uploaded in the root directory of the server where the website home page is located. If the website owner feels like adding comments using the # sign in front of each comment disallows crawlers from accessing those pages. All major search engine “spiders” respect the text files though Spam bots may not adhere to their directives.


If any website owner is desirous of security of their website, they actually put the files in a protected directory rather than trusting the robots .txt file. It acts as guidance for robots but does not provide total security. Search engines are dependent on robots to collect information from the web. To regulate the crawling activities, the Robots Exclusion Protocol is deployed in a file called Robots Text. Websites can explicitly specify the access preference for individual robots. This may result in few search engines dominating the web since they have access to resources that are inaccessible to other search engines.


The Robot Generator is a program for Windows XP and Vista which assists in the easy management of robots .txt files in websites. The Robot Generator can :

01)      Create robot exclusion files through selecting documents and directories.

02)      Log in to FTP servers and, at the same time, upload robots .txt from Robot Generator.

03)      Manage information from more than one server.

04)      Store database of over 180 user agents and 10 major search engines.

05)      Edit the robot database and add on additional user agents.


Using the robots .txt file is also a sound programming policy especially when one is competing with different site owners on the web for products, services or games. Without robots .txt file the site owners would not be able to access Google Webmaster tools. The validated robots .txt file generated by this tool is held in high esteem.


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