The Role of a Effective Marketing Firm Audit Secrets on Everyday Business

Staff Writer: Max Smith

Date: 09/24/2009

A marketing firm mainly concerns the distribution and sales of various goods and services coming from the producer to the consumers. Its scope of interest includes development of the product or service, pricing, advertising, packaging, merchandising of products and services and distribution. Since man started trading and selling goods and services, gaining an advantage on the competition has been the preoccupation of many business owners to further their own business interests. As time goes, the method of trading became more modernized. The advent of the Internet gave rise to the use of computers in marketing goods and services not just from a business locality but throughout the whole world as well. Consequently, a type of marketing called online marketing also evolved as a response to the availability and effectiveness of the Internet in advertising and selling products to the consumers.


The widening scope of business arena gave rise to the need for a more specialized mode of helping the business owners trade their goods and services more efficiently. As a result, this gave way to the rise of marketing companies in the business world. Though distribution and sales are primarily its concern, it is not limited to that scope. Product development and its associated marketing consider different factors such as pricing, advertising or promotion, place and the product itself. These four elements of the marketing mix are also the most basic and tactical components of a marketing plan.


When marketing firms decide on marketing procedures for a product they are developing, they conduct a process called marketing audit at the beginning and at series of intervals during the implementation phase of the scheme. It is a fundamental element of marketing planning and has an influence not only on the internal and external aspects of the plan but also on the review of the plan. The main purpose of the audit is to help in clearing the opportunities as well as the threats during the marketing operations. The process allows the marketing manager or executive to alter the plans as dictated by the result of the marketing audit.


Marketing plans are the guarded, tightly kept marketing secrets of various marketing companies around the world. Gaining knowledge of these secrets during the competition will allow a company to counteract the present and future marketing moves of a particular marketing rival and disrupt the adversary’s flow of operation. This move can also force other competitors to lose the initiative and once it is lost, they will not be able to make any impact on the market niche it is on. This would definitely have a positive effect on your marketing plans. Due to the stiff nature of competition existing among business organizations, marketing firms are being aware to the secret nature of business planning. Therefore, firm-client relationships are usually confidential except in cases when knowledge of it by the competition is part of a deception plan that was meant to lure it into thinking other than the company’s intended path of advance.


Effective Marketing Firms


Effective marketing makes use of all the various company resources to implement agreed upon marketing plan or plans to increase company sales and revenues. There are many ways of accomplishing these feats but different marketing companies are agreed on several methods that can significantly affect the market in general. These companies often have agreements such as keeping the product cost on a low level or raising both the product’s consumer value and its market price. This also includes giving bonuses or consumer rewards for purchases done on a particular product.


Each company has different incentives used to lure the costumers into buying a particular product or brand. Collecting testimonials from satisfied customers who had bought and used the product including those statements on ad campaigns is also a common method resorted to by many marketing companies. These campaigns aim to encourage consumers to choose a product they are marketing over the other brands. Responding to customer complaints quickly and with a positive attitude is also a marketing method used by some marketing companies. Others try to limit the product offers to a consumer on the premise. The more that you offer products and services to your client, the more he will hesitate and postpone his decision to buy. Effective marketing has brought forth many of the ingenious methods in which products and services today are marketed.


While keeping marketing plans in secrecy is necessary for a company, proper implementation of it and the consequent changes or innovations are mandatory to produce a focused solution to every problem that presents itself along the entire marketing process. A company that is able to conduct its marketing efforts effectively can expect great rewards and recognition in its field. A plan’s effectiveness can measure the success of a marketing firm. A good marketing record is an aspect that most client companies look for when searching for a marketing partner.


A marketing firm should always be on the lookout for ways and means of improving its craft. Effectively conducting the agreed upon plans and successful implementation of the marketing plans sets a particular firm apart from the rest. This distinction has the effect of creating an aura of dominance on the company name. As a result, the prestige is imprinted on the client’s mind more than mediocre organizations. These impressions are usually the ones that come on the mind of a costumer when looking for the necessary marketing help. It also has the added advantage of having more savings in advertisements as recommendations almost always follow a successful campaign. Word of mouth takes the place for other media. Keeping trade or marketing secrets is also important to clients. Confidentiality of essential information is also a good sign that a marketing company can be trusted and therefore qualified to handle sensitive jobs which various companies strive to hide from its competition.

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