The SEO Company Is Alive And Well

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.24.2012


A vast majority of the search community wrongly believe that SEO has been dead for years.  What with the recent changes of search engine algorithms and search marketing, who could blame them?  The truth, however, is that SEO companies are alive and well, just adapting to the ever morphing search engines.  Search engine optimization will always be needed to insure a website’s success.

With web marketing evolving and having added things like, Google’s ultra personalized search results, search, and Plus Your World, mixed in with social media, SEO has had to alter how things are done.  However, the basics an SEO company uses are still the same as ever.

The architecture of a website is still very important.  This helps search engines understand what the content is about, and helps users find the information they’re looking for.  Be absolutely sure the content flows nicely, a mash up of information confuses both the visitor and the search engines as to what your website is actually about.  There are other ways to marketing a website’s content, but search engines still rely on keyword phrases to help pull up the website in search results.

Building a website’s authority online has always been important.  It helps a website get better ranking over similar sites.  PageRank is less important now days, but the concept is still the same amongst social media marketing.  Social media websites play a big role in broadcasting a website and the opinions of its owners.  While it plays a big part of a marketing strategy, it should never overshadow search engine optimization.  Social media marketing should be used for enhancement.  Just broadcasting a website isn’t going to get you anywhere in sales, you’ll also need to have the content promised when you post links back to your website.

A rule of thumb for user content is, “What’s good for the user is good for Google is good for a website.”  Good SEO means having a user-friendly interface and making sure it loads from the server in a timely manner.

SEO has many technical aspects that will be used for a long time, such as, using robots.txt file, a website’s IP is in a good neighborhood, custom 404 pages, and implementing the proper 301 redirects instead of 302, and choosing a proper domain name.  While it’s impossible to think SEO will vanish entirely, it is not improbable that it will just simply blend in to another discipline.

Search marketing teams include an SEO member or members.  A true search engine marketing team knows that SEO is a cornerstone for any healthy web marketing plan.  So the need for SEO consultants will never truly fade, however consultants are needing to learn other aspects of web marketing to create more up-to-date strategies for their clients.

Search engine optimization is about marketing a business to a searcher.  This thriving field is much more competitive now days, because in order to have successful SEO, a professional is needed.  Today is all about balancing business objectives and the user.

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