The Super Bowl: How a Decade’s Old Tradition Showcases the Evolution of Top Advertising Agencies in Los Angeles

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 5.23.2012


With up to 100 million viewers, the Super Bowl broadcast remains one of the most watched television programs in the United States. With this in mind, advertisers dream of nabbing some face time during this event. The top advertising agencies in Los Angeles all bid and compete for ad space before the Super Bowl begins. A typical 30-second Super Bowl ad can cost upwards of two million dollars for advertisers. Marketing companies in Los Angeles, one of the most esteemed cities for advertising, develops quite a buzz around the Super Bowl season.


When it comes to advertising, it can be observed that the Super Bowl is a unique creature all unto itself.  Before the advance technological age we live in now, advertisers pushed for mass appeal on their products.


What happened was that advertisers would inundate consumers to the point of consumers getting irritated or resentful of ads and advertising agencies Los Angeles CA. Advertising researchers observed that, even when television and radio came to fruition, the same process occurred, where channel surfing was a common way for consumers to simply avoid ads. And finally, the Internet boomed, and just when one would think advertising would thrive here, the consumer again found it easy to avoid Internet ad space.


What makes the Super Bowl ads so massively different from the age-old tradition of consumer-ad hatred is that many consumers look forward to watching Super Bowl ads, sometimes to the point where consumers who aren’t sports fans will watch the Super Bowl solely to watch the ads. How did this happen? With an amazing amount of creativity and imagination.


During the Super bowl, the top advertisers compete with each other to put out the most talked-about ad. Thus the Super bowl stands as a time when marketers truly put their focus on creativity. In the Internet age, some Super Bowl ads “leak” for public viewing before the Super Bowl even starts. After the Super Bowl, talk shows and blogs will put in their two-cents one which ads were the best and which were the worst.  The winning ads get viral campaigns and word-of-mouth from consumers, resulting in a huge return in their multi-million dollar investment.


Those in the marketing and advertising fields can learn a lot from the effects of the Super Bowl. If a certain amount of creativity can produce such immensely positive results, why not continue that tradition for the rest of the year? If consumers keep up the tradition of ignoring and resenting ads, then perhaps the only way marketing and advertising can have a future lies in appealing to a consumer’s imagination. Creative, daring content is content that cannot be ignored by consumers.


It is also tantamount to use current media platforms in addition to age-old creativity to put out an original branding message. Combining old-age platforms such as television and print with new platforms such as digital media and the Internet will certainly reap great results as well.

There is a danger and concern of the great risk involved in creative, perhaps avant garde ideas. What if the idea is so revolutionary that the consumers just don’t get it? Spending lots of money on a Super Bowl ad only to have it burned is a huge loss. Yet an old piece of wisdom tells us that one cannot be hugely successful without taking risks.


Advertising at the Super Bowl is definitely a phenomenon worth studying, as it promotes creative innovation in its advertising more than any other television and internet ritual. A worthy question to ask ourselves is how we can implement this kind of creativity and success throughout the entire year, and not just during the Super Bowl.

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