The Truth about Paid Search Agencies and Other Website SEO Services

Staff Writer: Katrina Pallop

Date: July 26 2012



One legitimate and highly utilized method of website SEO services is hiring a paid search agency. What you must understand about these agencies is that they operate like any other business out there. If they are not making money, they cannot stay in business; they are not a catch-all for every marketing campaign; the quality of these businesses is as variable as with any other business.


While there is never a guarantee or perfect formula for finding a fantastic search agency, you can boost your odds of finding a good match by keeping a few key principles in mind when considering website SEO services


  1. When you sign on to work with a search agency, you are buying hours of their time. Agencies may charge you a flat fee, percent of your project budget, or some combination of the two. Mostly, the agency is using the fee you pay them for talented SEO’s. Do not be afraid to ask from the start how many hours the agency plans on devoting to your project. The project manager wants you to have the best product and website SEO service as possible. Try and speak honestly about your needs as an employer and also your preferences.


  1. It is not always in your best interest to hire a search agency in the first place. This is only one of many strategies you might employ for your marketing campaign. Agencies are pricey, and there are alternatives. Consider using the work of a high-quality freelancer to lend you the benefit of her experience. If you are able and willing to shell out the high prices of agencies, it may be beneficial for you to do so—but if the budget is tight, brainstorm alternatives.


  1. Do not waste time and resources trying to fix a website or business that is beyond repair. At the end of the day, if there are fundamental flaws in the product or service you are offering, no campaign (however good) is going to make people want to buy, or buy into, what you are selling. An agency will make so difference in this matter, but it may cost you a pretty penny in the meantime. Better head on back to the old drawing board and instead work from the ground up to improve your product or service.


  1. Just because someone, or some company, advertises as a knowledgeable source of online marketing strategy, does not mean that they can deliver the services they claim to. Many mediocre or even plain inexperienced people sneak into business every day! Do not let yourself get swindled into working with a sub-par agency. Seek agencies that are knowledgeable and straightforward. Whether outsourcing or working with an established agency, the same rules apply.


  1. Be sure to find an agency that you trust implicitly. For both of your businesses to grow and do well, it is profitable for both of you that a respectful relationship be established. The more trusting you can be with your agency, the more profitable the working relationship will be. In the end, that is the goal of both parties, isn’t it?


By following a few simple steps, you can find an agency that will supercharge your online presence and bring you maximum results.

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