The Value of Search Engine Optimisation Services in Local Search

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.19.2012

Convincing a person about the value of search engine optimisation services, is almost like trying to convince a cat it needs a bath.  They just don’t believe you and want to do it their way.  With some clients, they just do not understand why it’s so “expensive”.  They’ll judge on the cheapest price instead of quality, hard work, and profit.

Really, once a client has it in their mind that you are offering bogusly high rates, it’s time to let them go.  The client clearly doesn’t understand, but they will.  After they go to a cheap SEO company they’ll see how they should of stuck with you.  Because their website isn’t ranked where they want it, or they aren’t getting enough sales.

In the future, the best way to convince the possible clients of how valuable SEO really is, is to show the hard numbers from current or past clients.  Also, have a list of questions for them to ask themselves about their final goals.   Having these numbers to show your skills, and help them to understand what exactly you’ll be doing for their business.

Google has made search engine marketing services a little more difficult for local searches.  Some places of business service more than one area or state and lack a location in each area they service.  For those businesses it’s a tricky situation because Google Places now plays a prominent role in search results and you can’t make a Google Place for a town or area your business services without a physical address there.


However, you can make city/state landing pages to be used with Google Adwords.  That way you’d locally target searchers through the ads and keyword phrases in your Adwords interface.  Doing so will insure that only the locals for that ad will see them and the landing pages that match.

As tempting as it is to use those same landing pages as a way to boost organic search results, it’s best to not to do so.  You could end up labeled “madlib spam,” which basically means having a lot of multiple content with some of the keywords changed, like in this case, location.  The only way to avoid that is to make each page have unique content besides city/state location.  Otherwise Google will find this to be “too spammy”.

Websites that do business in a number of geographical areas have a lot of information to pull from usually.  They just have to get creative and think about the customers.  What kind of content, that included locations, would help potential customers?  Reviews, case studies, testimonials, etc from customers from each area could go on a separate page.  It not only would benefit your customers, but will help Google establish that you’re indeed a business in that area as well.  Think of creative and unique ideas to add the places the business covers on the homepage.  Don’t just make fluff or repeated work, that’s only going to help the search engines and not viewers.


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