The Visitor TV Series Free Online – How many of the Online Internet Surfers per Month Would Watch it?

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/8/2009

If you could find the Visitor free online, would you watch it? How many of internet visitors would download the 1997 TV series? Would there be a lot of online visitors per month? Who knows, there could be thousands of online visitors per day just waiting to see re-runs of the Visitor TV series. Even if there isn’t, some people will watch it and when you want traffic to your site you do little things like this to help it.

History of the Series

The Visitor TV series had 13 episodes. It ran for one season only. For this reason I’m skeptical that there would be many online visitors per month to a website hosting the Visitor free online. Each episode was about an hour long. Even though this sci-fi TV show aired on FOX in the US, it was actually produced out of Canada. The story is set in 1997 and is based on a man who had gone missing 50 years earlier. He was a pilot and disappeared while flying through the Bermuda triangle. He reappears in the present time, emerging from the crash of an alien spaceship and not having aged one day. This man’s name is Adam MacArthur. Adam has unexplained abilities and powers. He can heal people, from wounds to broken bones. He has the gift of being able to speak with animals and other creatures as well. Let’s not forget that he can read minds and lift himself up in the air as well as elevate objects. He goes around trying to wrong the rights of the human race but is always being hunted by the government. They see Adam as powerful and a dangerous threat to national security. At the head of the chase to capture Adam is the Colonel James Vise of the NSA. He is also being pursued by Nicholas LaRue, Craig Van Patten and Douglas Wilcox, all FBI agents determined to catch Adam. Eventually they and government agencies join forces in attempts to capture Adam. He always seems to elude them and goes around finding special humans that can assist him in his mission. The affect that Adam has on people is luminous and they are never the same again.

The Episodes

If you can find a place to watch the Visitor free online, you will see that the 13 episodes are as follows:

Episode 1 “The Pilot”

Episode 2 “A Fear of Flying”

Episode 3 “The Devil’s Rainbow”
Episode 4 “The Dreams”

Episode 5 “Remember”

Episode 6 “The Black Box”

Episode 7 “Teufelsnacht”

Episode 8 “The Reunion”

Episode 9 “Caged”

Episode 10 “Going Home”

Episode 11 “The Miracles”

Episode 12 “The Chain”

Episode 13 “The Trial”

The Cast

Watch the Visitor free online and you will see a very broad cast. Some of the actors have made big names for themselves since the TV series ended over 10 years ago. The cast for Visitor is as follows:

John Corbett played Adam MacArthur

Leon Rippy played Nicholas LaRue (FBI)

John Storey played Craig Van Patten (FBI)

Grand L. Bush played Douglas Wilcox (FBI)

Steve Railsback played Colonel James Vise (NSA)

Adam Baldwin played Michael “The Hunter” Ryan

These are some of the main characters that one would remember from The Visitor. Free online TV Shows can be found, however this one may be difficult as it was over 10 years ago and it only lasted one season which means it didn’t make it.

Most of the time a show is canceled because the ratings weren’t high enough. Since there were not many people who watched it then, there is a good chance that hosting the Visitor free online wont bring in very many online visitors per month.

The Visitor Free Online- But on your Website?

If you had a website hosting many popular TV shows and this brought in a lot of traffic on its own, having the Visitor free online wouldn’t be a bad idea. It may only bring ina few online visitors per day but that could lead to them watching other TV shows you have hosted, thus increasing traffic to your website. This would also give you an edge and uniqueness that other video hosting sites don’t have. You could advertise that you have the Visitor free online to show people that you not only host the new popular shows but also have the oldies but goodies too. This would target an older audience and if you added some more popular old TV shows you could begin making a site that brought in some online visitors per month just to see those shows. It sounds like something to look into.

The Visitor Reviews
The Reviews of the show clearly show that it had a lot of fans. One fan commented that it was a very unique story line at the time and had a very good cast. He was bewildered as to how the show did not make it. He adds that if there was a site that had the Visitor free online that he would definitely watch all the episodes again. The market is there; you just have to figure out how to get to it and if it’s worth it. It definitely is not a show to base your website on, but it could be a little side dish to help attract that kind of audience.

Hosting the Visitor free online doesn’t look like it would be too lucrative. It would be best used as a perk for those going to your site. Your goal should be to get as many online visitors per month as you can, every little bit counts. Even if the TV series only brought in 10 online visitors per day, that’s 300 a month and 3,600 views a year. It adds up. Do a search of popular TV series in the 90’s and get them all together on one page of your website. This will add even more traffic and views to the sight.

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