The Visitors Online Game- Providing Tips and Resources

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/8/2009

The Visitor online game is a new flash game created by Zeebarf, a 32 year old male located in Canada. This game is hosted on many online game servers. Flash game sites like are online resource that provide Visitor’s game. The Visitor online game is a point and click horror game. An alien has come to our planet looking to take over. He is the size of a worm but will feed on any living creature, including humans. Be careful, what you click will determine whether or not the human race is destroyed! The game has several scenes and can be a little bit tricky. Let’s take a look at each scene and give some tips on playing them.
The First Scene

In the first scene of the Visitor’s online game you will see a night time lakeside setting with the moon and the stars in the background. There is the lakeside shore with green grass and a large tree that extends over the water some. There is a fishing pole on the ground next to a rotted stump where a bird is perched eating bugs. Near the tree there is a sleeping frog. You can see a house in far distance, there is a light shining from the widow. There is a meteor that came down and is floating on the water near the land. Look closely at the meteor as it has a small insect looking life form on it. It’s like an orange slug. That, my friends, is the sweet alien. As you move your curser over objects you will see it go from being and arrow to a hand. This indicates that this object is something you can click on. Look around the screen and see what there is to click on. Each object will have a reaction to your click. The point of the Visitor online game is to find the order in which you should click the objects. When you click them in the right order the alien will begin moving towards the land.

For this scene try clicking on the frog, fishing poll, rotted stump, bird, branch from the tree hanging over the water, the alien and the hole in the big tree that bugs come out of. This is not the order in which you should click. I’m not going to tell you that! It would take all the fun out of it. I will tell you a few tips for the Visitor online game though.

Let’s start with the hole in the big tree that the bugs come out of. You’re probably looking at it thinking “what hole?” That’s right, there is no hole yet. There will be however, when you click on the branch that extends over the water. The branch will fall into the water and there will be a hole. The bugs don’t come out of it until later. The Visitor online game is filled with mysteries like this.

Once the frog eats the Alien slug, and is then consumed by the Alien from within, the bugs will come out and swarm the carcass. The bird likes these bugs. But what happens when the bird is no longer perched on the rotted stump? The stump falls over, landing on another stump creating a “V” shape.

The fishing pole rests perfectly in this “V” shape and the fishing line will drop in the water. As you sit there waiting for a bite on your reel, you’ll notice that nothing is happening. The Visitors online wants you to think. Look around and see what you can click on and what happens when you do.

The meteor, once clicked on, drops into the water and the resurfaces again. If you look closely though, you will see the shadow of a fish that swims from the meteor and takes a bite on your line.

At some point the alien works its way to the tip of the fishing rod and is catapulted by it to the house in the far distance. This is where the Visitor online game starts to get scary.

The Second Scene

The alien is now on the windowsill of the house and heading for the door knob. He gained some weight when he ate the frog but he’s still small. You will see the side of the house, some shrubs, a spider web, an apple core and a cat. Just like the last scene, you need to look around for things you can click on and find the order in which you need to click them. The Visitor online game can be tricky, but here’s a hint, you’re not going to get in the front door until you go through the mouse hole first.

At some point the alien eats the cat and gets bigger. Once he does this He goes for the door.

The Third Scene

This scene of the Visitors online game is of a woman in her bathrobe washing dishes. You need to distract her and get the water in the sink to over flow. If you can do that she will end up dead on the floor with a knife in her head. Don’t worry about the dog. He’s lazy and never gets up. You’ll need to get to the heating vent to get to the next scene.

The Fourth Scene

The Alien is now in the children’s bedroom. There is a fish, a bird, a bunk bed and 2 boys sleeping in it. Once the Alien eats the fish and the bird, it won’t be long before he gets the boys! The Visitor online game takes gory to another level in this scene!
The Final Scene

There is a boy huddled up in the corner of the bathroom; he can hear the alien approaching. What can he do? He’s frightened and the alien is now bigger then a human and uglier then ever! He can stay there, wet his pants and be eaten, or he can kill the alien. The question is, how?

I sure hope you figure it out! Have fun with the Visitor online game. It is very interesting and the horror lovers will have a ball. You can try it out yourself at

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