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Date: July 27, 2012

In the hyper-competitive world of online marketing and media, the most important thing for any company to do is separate themselves from the pack. One of the best ways a marketing agency Los Angeles harbors can accomplish this is to find their own approach to marketing. Now, more than ever, there are countless techniques and strategies to bring your brand out into the public’s awareness. Though the clients’ brands are obviously the most important to keep in mind while marketing, try to think of a marketing firm as a brand in and of itself. Specificity can be a great advantage in marketing, as these firms are sure to relate. Take note of the techniques they employ to make themselves unique.

Leo Burnett

Though Leo Burnett seemed to stall early in 2011 when it came to picking up new entities with whom to do business, the group started to gain some momentum and, therefore, some very important clients. Among the new clients to join with Leo Burnett are Chobani, a greek yogurt brand, Bancorp, Esurance, and even Dewar’s Scoth and MillerCoors Fosters, Sparks and Molson brands. The impressive list continues to roll in, and the firm managed to seal off this year with a huge player, Sprint. Almost ten new big-name accounts is no small feat for any company, especially one who focuses on organic growth.

Profero CEO Wayne Arnold: Profero

With both an independent faction and global section, Profero is one of few new digitally-based agencies—the kind we are seeing more and more of as marketing strategies evolve to new online standards. Profero is also growing like mad these days, which is not typical among most businesses, especially with leadership that is comprised mostly on English-speakers. While some companies are floundering abroad, Profero is holding its own in the Pacific and also in the US. The firm is reporting almost 35% growth in overall revenue, which it owes to new clients Smirnoff and Western Union.


The key to GolinHarris’s recent surge of success seems to be doing away with traditional structures within its business than no longer make sense in the long term. A complete restructuring of the company has changed the way we think about doing business at these firms. They have split up the tasks of marketing into four specific teams, and encouraged the different factions of their business to be in constant contact not only with each other, but with the world at large. Social Media and online resources make this possible, and GolinHarris is certainly proving its skeptics wrong!

As you can see, each marketing company Los Angeles came into contact with here developed a unique and targeted strategy, concerning sales and development. Because there are so many companies vying for the same clients, it is important to establish the individuality of any given brand. If you miss the opportunity to make yourself unique, you may be left in the dust! Establish a niche in one corner of the market and work from there.

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