Tips for Handling the Obstacles of online advertising Los Angeles as an Advertising Professor

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 5.27.2012


It isn’t easy being a professor of advertising, especially when one is aware of the sweeping changes in advertising, particularly in online advertising Los Angeles. Los Angeles, a world capitol in advertising, has seen many of these changes occur and have attempted to adjust to the up-to-the-minute challenges. But can you, as an advertising professor, keep yourself up to date as well.

In the digital and new media landscape, it may not even be a case of students keeping up with you, but you keeping up with your students. As a professor of advertising, you should recognize that new technologies are heralding a new age of advertising and new advertising strategies just now being implemented by any advertising agency in Los Angeles.

A good way to learn how to keep up with your students is by assigning projects that get students scouring their environment for new technologies relevant to advertising, as well as web sites that use creativity and originality in their design. Also, be sure to keep up with your students even after they graduate. Use Facebook or other social media sites to keep in touch and learn about new projects they may be pursuing, all in the name of constantly learning new concepts of advertising in an ever-shifting world.

Another way to keep up with advertising is to watch webinars, hosted by the AMA and DMA. These webinars are free and often an hour or so long. Although you may not think you have time for this in your busy schedule, all you need to do is have an Internet connection and turn it on to use as “background noise” while doing more high-priority activities. Even while not having your complete attention, some solid information will seep in and you’ll learn new concepts just being implemented by marketing firms in Los Angeles.

If you’re overwhelmed, subscribing to a tremendous horde of e-newsletters certainly won’t help you. When you have a little bit of free time, try to clean up your e-mail inbox a bit. Unsubscribe to newsletters that don’t interest you or you don’t need. Determine which newsletters will be the most useful to you in discovering new advertising developments.

As an overburdened professor, you may want to consider gathering all the information you will ever look up on the Internet on one page. That’s why have your own personalized iGoogle as your homepage can be so useful.

Set your preferences on iGoogle so you can receive up to the minute updates on your preferred sites and organizations. Add an “advertising” tab to iGoogle, and google will automatically pull information from various illustrious, reputable advertising publications, such as Ad Age and Ads from the World. You might be amazed at how much you’ll learn in a day.

Although technology can do so much for you in terms of information access everyday, it is also important to learn how to disconnect. As an overburdened professor, learned how to take a break and a breather is just as important as learning how to keep up with a constant influx of new information. Take a rest on weekends, and careful not to check your Blackberry or smart phone, lest you get overwhelmed.

As a professor in advertising, it’s important to stay on top of your game. Following the above tips can assist you from being your own worst enemy.

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