Tips for In-House SEO Evangelism & Internet Marketing Experts: How to Get Buy-In

Staff writer: Brjden Crewe

Date: 7.15.2012


The role of an evangelist is very similar to a spiritual missionary in that SEO is a vital mission for the health of an organization. In order to gain converts to the mission, the first step of evangelism is getting the word out to potential converts; for example, the old-school internet marketers within marketing companies.

History has shown that people don’t generally respond well to broad outreach. Most people prefer a more personal approach which addresses individual interests and desires which make SEO buy-ins very difficult to achieve via mass emails or memos about its best practices.

For these reasons, personal connections created between the SEO evangelist and individuals inside of key departments in businesses are far more likely to develop into beneficial relationships when they are mutually communicated depending on the wants of each company.

In order to build inter-department relationships, as well as to maintain and create free-flowing communication channels, SEO evangelists must be creative. People are often influenced to participate when discussions are taking place. Sending out an email to the IT, internet marketing experts, and editorial teams about Google’s latest products, may allow individuals to respond to the group with comments about how it affects their department. A good SEO evangelist should encourage people to think about how visibility and search engine rankings can influence their objectives.

You may also discover channels or messages which can be leveraged for your SEO goals. For example, talk to the sales department about the most frequently asked questions they get and what may help with sales. Maybe they get requests for white paper often, in which case, you should coordinate the creation of white paper with the help of the marketing and content departments. Develop communication channels for the organization that tie all media channels back to SEO objectives.

Why is SEO Evangelism Important?

Universally, people want to do their job as best as possible. Pressed for resources and time, people will even commit efforts to the most important tasks that will move them even closer to their professional goals and priorities. SEO won’t be a priority unless they fully understand why it helps their department and their organization as a whole.

By contributing to SEO goals, you can demonstrate how they’ll be reducing inefficiencies in their processes. With companies always trying to eliminate productivity drains and inefficiencies, sales team can receive better qualified leads when searchers fill out a quote request form or solicit information from a company. Time will be saved by reducing the time spent tracking down new prospects and qualifying leads.

Significant failures and successes should be included in reports made at regular summarized intervals, which help get people in the habit of looking forward to the reports, understanding the benefits of SEO, and taking advantage of the support of the team involved in the SEO initiatives. Giving credit where credit is due helps people continue to stay active in the team concept.

All of these are crucial elements which make a great SEO evangelist, and the need to spread the knowledge of the benefits of SEO lead to internet marketing experts becoming converts that will thank you later.

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