Tips on A/B Testing Operations for Your Search Engine Marketing Los Angeles Strategy

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.04.2012


In marketing, A/B testing is a method by which various methods of marketing are tested, using both a baseline control and single-variable examples to determine and improve consumer response or conversion rates. Running a few experiments in A/B testing is a great way to determine what marketing methods will yield the best results, and is used by many marketing firms Los Angeles. Marketing firms know this much, but how to run an experiment that gets you exactly the data you need may be a challenge if you don’t know how to run the most efficient A/B test possible.

First off, if you’re considering performing A/B testing, get support from your colleagues as well as your superiors. Getting everyone and anyone you can involved in the testing can enhance the results, a fact that is well known by top advertising agencies Los Angeles. Marketing companies know that it can be a considerable leap from gut-feeling testing to data-based testing, so it’s important to get everyone acclimated. Involve everyone in every big decision that needs to be made.

Once you get support from your boss, get a variety of key players on your team. Hire a developer and designer and make sure the various implementations of the test are delivered in a timely fashion. Share your test results and ask for feedback from co-workers. You can even further involve your co-workers by creating a contest for the best test recipe; the winning recipe would receive a prize.

Before launching your A/B testing experiment, set up your parameters. Create a hypothesis as to which method would likely test better than the others; also, if the other versions actually tested better or worse than expected, what would you attribute it to? Evaluate your business goals when determining your success metrics.

In order to measure the right statistics for online marketing, make sure you test websites that have higher traffic and social media marketing Los Angeles. Marketers know that if you start a test that results in no traffic, you will get no data. To get the most data, you need websites that will attract a lot of visitors. Run a test for at least two weeks to get the maximum amount of conversions.

Determine how different types of users react to different marketing recipes. You can do this by segmenting your traffic into different categories. For example, a first-time visitor may respond different to a loyal customer of the site. Other specific information to consider include different browsers used, which landing page the customer first visited, traffic sources, operating systems and screen resolutions (the latter may determine where to best place your ad on a website). Evaluate different rates of success based on different segments.

Keep a detailed record of each test’s performance, whether the results were conclusive or not. No test result is useless. Remember that any test result has value, even ones that were inconclusive. For example, an inconclusive result could be attributed to the fact that a certain factor tested did not affect your success as dramatically as you thought it would.

Competently running an A/B test will ensure success before publishing a website. You can also look at how others, even your competition, are testing their websites via or

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