Tips on Enhancing Website Analytics with Video Marketing Los Angeles

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.14.2012


There are Internet marketing search engine marketing professionals out there who deal with clients and their brand websites every day. One of the frustrations you will likely hear these professionals speak about is that a client might believe that all they need is a great website to attract consumers. This is where they are wrong.

There is so much more that goes into website analytics, online marketing and search engine optimization California that simply an awesome website alone. Video marketing Los Angeles is also not enough for your website to stand alone and survive. Indeed, there are several fundamental rules a website owner and business owner, regardless of their size or brand, should keep in mind when trying to market themselves online.

First, make sure to take a close look at geographical data. If there are traffic spikes in specific regions, know that this isn’t just a coincidence. These people are buying in certain places at specific times, and thus every piece of geographical data you can get your hands on is important.

You should also compile other important bits of demographical data, such as age of the consumer, economic status, visiting times, ethnicity, and their interests, based on the types of products they search for and purchase.

Knowing where your best consumers originate can help you know where your competitive edge lies, which will, in turn, help you increase your revenue by tailoring especially to those consumers. And you need not worry about violating any privacy policies, as simply knowing where your consumers originate could be all you need.

You should also acquire the names and addresses of your visitors if and when you can. Knowing where most of your consumers come from can allow you to search for patterns and market to the areas that matter most for your business. Consumers usually provide this valuable data themselves when they come to purchase a product.

On the other hand, you will likely not be able to acquire this information if the consumer leaves the site after merely a couple of clicks. This can be a disappointing phenomenon to witness, especially after you’ve shelled out a few bucks for pay per click advertising.

Whatever you do, don’t underestimate the value of any visitor data you receive. In the early days, many websites had a hit counter, which activated and counted how many visitors went to a website. Nowadays, that information alone is moot and the information provided goes deeper into the consumers themselves. Use the numbers you have acquired and be aware of the successes and weaknesses in your marketing campaign.

Treat your most loyal customers well. The best and most valuable customers, after all, are ones that are willing to make repeat purchases, and not ones that click and leave. You should market to your most loyal customers by giving them more incentives to drop by your website. You should request that they complete a survey, asking what they liked (or disliked) about the shopping experience.

Take a look, also, at your most oft-visited pages and paths on your website. Seeing and analyzing the most visited web page isn’t always enough, as customers visit yet may not stay there for a long time. You should also take a look at navigational habits in users to see how they travel through your website.

Enhancing your website analytics and understanding all the facets involved is crucial to building a holistically high -quality website.

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