Tips on the Customer Service Experience

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.15.2012

As any and all of the top marketing firms Los Angeles will tell you, the most important thing that a business can do is to make their customers happy. There is something called a performance chain, which is the process of consumer behavior that occurs between the marketers triggering consumer interest to having the brand make money.

In between point A and point B are all the things that must occur in between in order to attract the customer, keep the customer interest, and, finally, getting the customer to make a purchase. There are several guidelines that should be abided by in order to maintain excellent customer relations.

First, the old adage that “the customer is always right” is no myth. Try and shift your perspective to the customer whenever you can. When it comes to balancing between business decisions, you should always think of the customer. Don’t make the customer learn your way of doing things, but instead recreate the system so that is more clear and more intuitive to the customer.

Secondly, you should also observe customer reactions. It’s easy to get so overwhelmed with your own business or product that you get too distracted to see the customer on the other side of the table. On the other hand, there’s no need to over analyze or let assumptions of the customer get the better of you; simply watch them. Instead of studying possible subtext, make simple surface observations.

Keep an open mind to an alternate way of doing things that could save you money and time. As any search engine optimization company Los Angeles would advise, keep in mind, also, the ways in which you can foster open interaction between you and your customers. And make sure this interactivity exists on the customer’s terms, too.

Having a dependable and consistent business is always great, yet when things get a little too predictable, you should update your business and its services to adjust to ever-changing times and consumer tastes.

Customers tend to be surprising and can change their tastes in a way that correlates to  the latest trends. Make sure you company is aware of and can prepare for such surprises. Remember that sometimes the ideas don’t come from inside the business, but from your customers. In fact, some businesses may cling to a “good enough” philosophy if business is going well.

One thing that separates high-performing businesses from the rest is great flexibility. No matter how much you try, you sometimes can’t anticipate every sudden change you run into. Thus, being flexible to new adjustments and adapting is a vital characteristic of successful businesses.

Whether it is changes in the marketplace, new customer demands, or your stakeholders and investors coming at you, make sure you’re able to adapt to great shifts in business.  It is not necessary that you change your performance chain in accordance to every word that goes against yours, but you should be able to listen to what’s important and valid and be flexible to change accordingly. Search engine optimization internet marketing, for instance, can help with sudden changes, should your business need a boost in customer visibility.

Finally, providing a great customer service experience is about the big picture. Think about your business and what it provides and look just beyond that. For instance, if you own a zoo, you put animals on exhibit. Yet customers don’t flock to your zoo just to look at animals. Sometimes it’s the act of going out, the atmosphere, and the act of community that makes people come together. Sometimes a business “can’t see the forest for the trees” because they are so passionate about their product that it’s hard to zoom out for the big picture.

Balancing superior customer service with business performance is vital to gain and keep loyal customers.

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