To Bing or Not to Bing? That is the Los Angeles SEO Expert Question.

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.18.2012



Through online marketing techniques, a business or personal website can move to top positions and rankings on many search engines including Google, Bing, or Yahoo.  The expense of search engine optimization is low enough to fit most budgets in hiring a SEO expert to help you get started; although, SEO is something that some businesses or individuals attempt to try on their own first.


Whether you start on your own or team up with a search engine optimization firm, the first step is to choose a search engine site to get started with.  It is easier, when just getting started, to concentrate on where your position is on one search engine than trying to juggle where your ranking is on all three of the main big search engines.


When it comes to Los Angeles SEO marketing, Google is the first and foremost search engine that gets picked right away as the initial site to launch a marketing campaign.  It is because Los Angeles SEO expert feel that Google would reach more people, and they would be right.  But going in another direction with another search engine would also be expert advice because the competition against other SEO campaigns would be fewer, have a larger conversion rate, and have smaller bid fees.  Because of this affordability, a few marketers are moving towards Yahoo! And trying pay per click marketing tactics.


Pay per click is when the web design Los Angeles CA contains advertisements and links along the side of the website and in the text.  As the name says, for each click on the advertisements or links the site that has put the ad up gets paid by the advertiser.


Pay per click is just one aspect of the marketing tactics you can use with SEO.  There is also link building, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and more.  Pay per click is a good way to dip your toes in to SEO marketing and then fully submerging in to the rest of the tactics once you get used to it.


As previously mentioned, most people choose to go with Google when they are first getting started with search engine optimization marketing, but it is difficult to move anywhere in the rankings when there is such a fierce competition for them.  That is why new SEO campaigns are leaning towards starting with Bing or Yahoo! to kick off their marketing plans.


There is still a lot of competition on Yahoo! and Bing, but it is not as fierce and competitive as Google.  You can still reach a lot of Internet searchers on these search engines and the results will be the same as you employ the same tactics that you would on Google and achieve higher rankings on the search engine results pages.


Then, once you obtain these high rankings, you must continue to apply the same SEO tactics in order to keep a hold on the position.  If you feel that you can keep the position on Bing or Yahoo!, then you can choose to follow the other SEO marketers and try your hand at Google SEO.

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