Tools for a Marketing Company Los Angeles to Handle Twitter Followers

Staff Writer:  Greta Frusha


Date: 7.16.12


Is Twitter eating those precious minutes in the marketing firm Los Angeles that could be spend elsewhere?  Don’t have time to tweet?  Here are six sometime free tools to help save time for a marketing company Los Angeles while keeping those messages flowing and influence growing!


(1)   Twepe is a tool that for a small cost will send a daily summary email of Twitter follower activity.  It includes new follower and lost followers as well as immediate alert email with any mentions.  It does not alert on favorite tweets. Twepe cuts out the overwhelming amount of email that can flood the inbox.  Twepe can analyze who should be followed back and spotting Twitter bots.


(2)   Usequitter is similar to Twepe.  It sends a weekly summary and for now it is free.  It does have a paid version for multiple accounts.


(3)   Followerwonk has several useful tools.  It allows the user to analyze and chart followers by age, message volume and other metrics.  It lets the user view and sort all of their followers in a spread sheet format so that they can see the most influential or least active followers.  Followerwonk will allow searches of twitter bios of followers and their followers along with comparing followers so that activity can be analyzed.  It also unfollows without leaving the site.  Followerwonk has free and paid versions of their product.  The paid has more features.


(4)   Manage Flitter is a free tool that scans the Twitter account and lists all of its followers.  It can sort followers by volume, accounts they are following, the number of lists they are in, and the volume of tweets they have sent.  This keeps Twitter accounts clear of non followers or inactive accounts.  This keeps Twitter accounts from looking less influential by weeding those accounts that are wasting precious time.  Manage Flitter have filter options for accounts with no photo, aren’t in English, very quiet or very talkative.


(5)   Tweepi is another tool to weed out people that don’t follow and account and will unfollow them.  It has features that include the ability to enter an unsername, sort followers or who they follow then follow those accounts, follow accounts on another member’s list or paste in a list of user names and review those accounts.  These are features useful for growing account lists of followers in hope of gaining them back.  Some of the more advanced features, including some that Manage Flitter offer for free, are on the paid account.



(6)   Contaxioworks across Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google+ to different degrees that are determined by the functionality of the individual API support. Contaxio has the feel of a more serious product with its clean interface, multiple platform support and the ability to export data.  Contaxio has free and paid versions.


There are many other tools that help manage Twitter.  These six are just a few that have more useful features or have proved to be more stable over time.  Always check what permission is needed before granting them access to an account.

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