Tools that Led to Big Changes in the SEO World for Internet Marketing Company Los Angeles

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.14.2012


Just about any Internet marketing company Los Angeles knows about the several big changes that have occurred over the past several years, altering the very face of how we see search engine optimization. Keyword-filled, rich content, internal links, link building, and tracking have all been made seemingly obsolete, completely changing everything that people thought that they knew about using content to build traffic to web sites.

Google, the search engine that claims ownership to one of the largest streams of traffic available on the internet, has made changes to the way people search in such a way that search engine marketing Los Angeles has changed dramatically.  Almost any digital marketing agency Los Angeles will tell you that Google has made six major changes over the years that have influenced search engine optimization.

One of the first big changes to happen to Google in terms of search engine marketing was a tool called Google Panda. Google Panda altered search algorithms in such a way that it purposefully contributed to the shutdown of content farms.

Content farms, such as Demand Media and Associated Content, are sites that pay freelance writers low fees to write content (often of low quality), then use search engine optimization to rank high in search results and grab traffic from sites with real content. A whopping twelve percent of search traffic was affected by Google Panda, which resulted in more content-rich sites ranking higher in search results. Content farms then fell to the wayside on search results overnight.

Google then created Google+, a social media networking site meant to compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Although Google+’s “friends circles” concept, which served as a way to put each of your friends in different categories, was quickly copied by Facebook, the one thing that still makes Google+ stand out is its connection to Google itself, and how it can index social traffic within searches.

Google’s recently released “Secure Search” hides your search details and previous search history from different websites if you are logged into Gmail. By hiding a lot of this traffic, as much as thirty percent of Internet traffic remains unknown to internet marketers.

Search Plus Your World allows for Google to create personalized searches for you, the user. Google does this be weeding out details in your social media profiles to determine your preferences. This occurs even if you are not logged into Google. As a result, two different Google users could have very different results for the same keywords.

Google’s most recent change was Penguin, which will actively demote website rankings of sites that do not follow Google’s Webmaster guidelines. Penguin will serve as a watchdog for sites that over-stuff their sites with keywords to engineer search results.

Keeping all of these changes in mind, what is the best way to perform optimization and rank high on Google? First off, keep writing high-quality content regularly and update the content you already have. Have a larger number of writers contributing content for you and your website. Finally, use social media to your advantage and continuously engage your community and consumers.  By using best practices and hiring the top writers and marketing firms, your site can rise to success, rather than fall to failure, under the Google Penguin system.

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