Tools that Will Help You to Create a Functional and Effective Los Angeles Web Design

Staff Writer: Brjden Crewe

Date: 7.05.2012

Functionality and its effectiveness are arguably the most important factors in creating and maintaining a good website.  But even in all of their intricacies doesn’t mean that functionality needs to suffer through web design Los Angeles. Many Californian companies have implemented these functions in to their web design, showcasing their local SEO Los Angeles website content, which can also implement strong functionality features found here with equally able to create similar designs.

The collection of websites here are some of the best as it pertains to functional Los Angeles web design.

#1 iStockPhoto

iStockPhoto is one of users’ favorite functional websites because of their solid top bar and natural colors which allows the imagery to come forward. Your UI never interferes with the content of this site and its applications.

A good example of combining hard and soft information can be found on iStockPhoto which suggests a brand range of high-quality images and photographic tiling which inspires visitors to return.

#2 My Musik Downloads

No need to decrease your site’s home page down to the most simple features in order to be effective. The density of the information found on My Musik Downloads does make the site feel unlike many Web2.0 sites. The site is very focused even with a lot of content while the home page communicates what the site’s purpose is, very effectively.

#3 Traineo

With a dark header, open and light content areas, Traineo is a great site that resembles classic early-Web2.0 with its bright colors which highlights the website and draws attention from the visitor.

The style works well with a lot of informative content and functionality, yet keeps the experience straightforward with a great use of space and a simple navigational function.

#4 Purina

With their solid-panel design and Flash splash header, pet food provider Purina has built a website that’s conventional, clean and gives a strong brand impression. The header fits beautifully into the website’s overall layout, which accompanied by sharp photographs, makes for a great web site.

#5 Rememble

Their quirky logo and rounded fonts are coupled with a fun Web2 design, making Rememble a favorite as it boosts top bar, solid web panels and a simple main heading accompanied by an introductory that allows visitors to have a quick, effective get-to-know welcome to the site.

#6 Burstcast

With their motto being, “Snap it. Send it. Share it,” Burstcast is an incredible example of effective and bold content that gives the visitor exactly what the website wants the visitors to experience. The website takes a small area which explains how the site works and allows simple functionality to be its main feature.

#7 ComponentArt

ComponentArt has less Web2.0, but also offers a lot of information with a simple interface. With 4 columns, the smaller text and clean monochrome color scheme displays the content very well. The conventional tab and branding L2 navigation bar also provides basic, yet effective functionality.

#8 Unfortunate

unFortunate may be quirky, but a site based around helping visitors create their own fortunes sounds a bit strange, but you need to look a little closer.

It communicates precisely what the site does with minimal words and gives you bold directions which are what makes the site work. Add a cool logo and you have a website that caters to its visitors quickly, effectively and with great style.

#9 Wishlistr

Wishlistr intro paragraph boost one of the website’s coolest features. “Create a wishlist. Share it with friends and family. Keep track of the things you want.” It doesn’t tell you what it does as a website, but it simple directs you with what the site has to offer. Simple’s good.

With these tools, you can create a beautiful and functional website that appeals to visitors.

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