Tools to Market Yourself on Pinterest for Internet Marketing Search Engine Placement

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.06.2012


So you’ve got a brand name, along with a business website that is search optimized and takes advantage of internet marketing search engine placement in a positive manner. Your business is also familiar with social networking, successfully building Facebook and Twitter accounts, along with LinkedIn pages. Pinterest, however, is a new social media site that is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Los Angeles search engine marketing firms will also tell you that Pinterest also come with great potential marketing power.

Pinterest is gaining domination as a social media site using a different method from other social networking sites: using thumbnail images to drive marketing. Because Pinterest is so image-centric, the site can be a great tool for businesses so show off their latest products in the form of high-end images. If you deal more in words than you do in images, however, Pinterest may not be an easy marketing tool to use. Thankfully, there are several Internet tools you can use to better marketing yourself on Pinterest.

The tool “Share As Image” can allow you to pin text from anywhere on the Web. Highlight text on a web site, and Share As Image converts it to an image that can be used as a thumbnail image on Pinterest. The Share As Image button that appears on your browser upon installation will allow easy access to the tool; simply highlight the words you wish to use as an image and click the Share As Image button. If you buy an inexpensive subscription, you will also be able to customize the font size and color.

Pinerly is a tracker tool that allows you to view the activity of your Pinterest posts. You can follow, track and record the traffic your Pinterest posts are getting. Pinerly gives you insights on your link activity in an easy to navigate dashboard and simply gives you an overview of how your business on Pinterest is going. Pinerly can help you better determine which links are more popular than others.

PinAlerts is an update software tool that alerts you of when someone has pinned or liked one of your posts on Pinterest. You can customize the frequency of these alerts, which are received via email. This makes for a good opportunity for thanking individual pinners while being able to identify them.

Pinstamatic allows you to customize your Pinterest board with further accessories. You can add GoogleMaps locations, Twitter links, quotes websites and even songs to your profile page on Pinterest. Pinstamatic also includes an automatic updater, which can update your quotes regularly.

These Internet Tools can help keep your Pinterest account highly engaged with the rest of the Pinterest community. By being more engaged on Pinterest, you could potentially direct serious traffic to your business. Knowing how these tools can assist you in your business endeavors will lead you to be more connected to your consumer base. Advertising in Los Angeles is aware of what a powerful force the free marketing provided by Pinterest has become.

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