Top 10 Mistakes in PPC Advertising

Avoid making the Top mistakes new PPC advertiser’s make in their PPC Marketing Campaigns.)


Avoid these PPC Marketing Mistakes

There are many top mistakes that new PPC Advertiser’s make when setting up their PPC Marketing accounts. You want to get the most out of your PPC campaign so use these top mistakes to avoid list to guide you in your PPC Marketing endeavors.

Top 10 PPC Mistakes

ü  Long list of less than targeted keywords

ü  Not identifying unique aspects of your product or service

ü  Lack of keywords in your ad text

ü  Directing users solely to your home page

ü  Creation of single Ad Groups

ü  Utilizing single campaigns

ü  Using broad match only

ü  Failure to optimize Ad Serving for your ads

ü  Not tracking results

ü  Entering the content network without modifying bids


Mistake 1

When you first setup your PPC keywords do not overdo it. Stick to the most important and pertinent keywords for your company’s product. Be specific in your PPC keyword selections. Broad keywords do not help you reel in more prospective consumers, though many newbie’s make that mistake in thinking it will. For instance if you are selling divorce legal advice it would not due for you to use a broad keyword like legal law since your firm only offers ‘divorce’ law advice. By using the former keywords you will rope in many unrelated consumers that will click upon your ad (charging up your bill) with zero return for you and your company.

So, save yourself, and your company, money and narrow your PPC keywords to be specific to what your company offers the prospective consumer.

Mistake 2

This mistake stems from not knowing and understanding your PPC campaign competition. This PPC Marketing mistake can be avoided by asking yourself this one simple question “What sets your company/product apart from your competitors?” Once you have the answer to this question you can hone in on that unique asset and use it to your company’s PPC Advertising Campaign’s advantage!

Mistake 3

Understand and target your prospective PPC campaign even in your Ad title. Ensure that you keep in mind the relevancy factor we discussed in common mistakes #1 above.  Make sure in your PPC Ad Title you inject your relevant keywords so you can get the most out of your PPC Advertising Campaign budget monies.

Mistake 4

This is where many PPC newbie’s fail miserably. Do not take all the time an effort of setting up a stellar PPC advertising campaign only to lose your consumer by designating the URL to your homepage in the hopes that this consumer will be able to find what they are seeking from there on your site. Consumers today want to click upon a PPC ad and be taken directly to the product they seek, not land upon the site homepage to be left to fend for themselves in yet again searching for that elusive product/service they seek.

So, as a PPC advertiser set up specific PPC product URL’s that will land your consumer on the direct page they seek.

Mistake 5

Create Ad Groups for your PPC Advertising Campaigns. By organizing your company’s PPC Marketing campaigns you will be able to track them more efficiently. You can create Ad Groups by targeting related PPC campaign keywords and placing them into the same PPC Ad Group. For instance if you are a company who sells hunting gear you would place all of the hunting gloves PPC keyword ads into one PPC Ad Group and all of the hunting pants PPC keyword ads into a separate PPC Ad Group. Thus keeping things neat and clean for your company’s follow up reviews.

Mistake 6

Once you have done the sorting of PPC Ad Groups above then you can move on and set-up separate containers for your PPC Ad Groups. Continuing with the hunting analogy from above you would place all of the above Ad Groups into one big ‘container’ called hunting gear. Thusly organizing your PPC Ads even further for your company’s later review.

Mistake 7

If your company fails to take advantage of the PPC search engine’s broad match your company could miss out on some prospective consumer traffic and have a higher PPC bill. Basically a PPC broad match will broaden your PPC advertising keywords in the hopes of gaining more consumers. It is less effective than the specific PPC advertising targeting above but still worthy of using. Below is an example of different PPC broad matching ideals.

Broad match

Default option:

  • green widget

Phrase match

Surround the keyword in quotes:

  • “green widget”

Exact match

Surround the keyword in square brackets:

  • [green widget]

Negative match

Place a negative character before the keyword:

  • -green widget


Mistake 8

PPC Ad Serving basically helps save your company valuable monitoring time. PPC Ad Serving automatically places the popular PPC Ads that receive the most clicks to the top of the line and uses those ads more than the PPC Ads that receive few clicks. In essence using this service is very helpful and highly recommended since it automatically does what you wanted from your PPC advertising campaign for you.

Mistake 9

You now have the chance to setup different PPC bids for the content network and the search network. You should take advantage of this option since in the end it will save your company money for your PPC Marketing Campaigns. You will still receive the same amount of traffic as if you kept the bid the same on both networks but you will be paying less per click.


Navigating the PPC Advertising world can be daunting, but avoiding the above top 10 mistakes you will ensure PPC adverting campaign’s success all the more. Good luck with your PPC marketing campaign!

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