Top 10 Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Engines

Review the Best PPC Search Engines

So you have chosen to begin your PPC Advertising Campaign and you want to know what the top PPC search engines are today, look no further I have compiled a list to suit your needs below. See one you like? Click upon the Open an Account link for the PPC Search Engine of your choice and get started today!

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#1 Google Ad Words

Since its launch in the late 90’s Google Ad Words has grown from a two-man operation into today’s top search engine of choice, not just for PPC Advertiser’s but also for prospective consumers. Most experts agree that Google is the top search engine in use on today’s internet with a percentage of at least 50% of consumer usage.

Consumer’s like this search engine because of its ease of use and accessibility friendliness.  Business owner’s like Google AdWords because it is user friendly and because consumer’s know and trust the Google search engine.

Basic Pro’s & Con’s of Google AdWords


ü  Excellent set of tutorials and searchable support database ensures that any question you may have about AdWords is answered as quickly as possible.

ü  A low $5 startup fee and many promotions offered.

ü  No monthly minimum amount of spending required.

ü  Comprehensive, free web analytics package.


ü  Many factors relating to how “Quality Score” is defined can lead to disabling of keywords or high keyword costs.

ü  No clear definition of “invalid clicks” (fraudulent clicks).


#2 Yahoo! Search Marketing

The Yahoo! Search Marketing search engine evolved from the old and Overture. This top PPC is extremely user friendly for both consumers and PPC Advertising company campaigns. Yahoo search engine is second only to Google search engine and it is a close second indeed. Many consumers use and shop the Yahoo portals every day.

Yahoo! Search Marketing is extremely user friendly for Advertiser’s as well. Yahoo! Search Marketing allows PPC Advertiser’s to specify goals they wish to reach during their campaign and Yahoo! Sponsored Search will show the PPC Advertiser steps to obtain said goal. Yahoo gives PPC advertiser’s many perks like automatically selecting the most profitable versions of your PPC campaign’s ads and can rotate them more often for you.


ü  ROI calculator tool available both for CPC and CPM ad setups.

ü  Insert keyword feature dynamically inserts the keyword the bid is based upon into the ad’s title ordescription.


ü  Concern over the new Panama Setup.


#3 ABC Search

ABC Search is a subsidiary of Internext Media Corp. and now one of the fastest-growing search engines in today’s growing PPC Search Engine Market. ABC Search still utilizes the classic version of PPC advertising where a PPC Advertiser uses keywords and bids in real time for top PPC spots. ABC Search allows the PPC advertiser to set maximum keyword bids helping the PPC Advertiser stay within their set budget.


ü  Auto rebilling keeps your account replenished once it reaches a specified minimum

ü  $25 payment for referral of a PPC advertiser who sets up an account

ü  Minimum bid price of 5 cents and no minimum monthly spend amount

ü  Certified click fraud solution

ü  Geo-targeting

ü  Traffic source optimization


ü  Approval of ads can take up to 24 hours


Summary of Top PPC’s

As a PPC Advertiser you have many choices when considering which top PPC search engine will be the best for your PPC advertising campaign. Know that you can advertise on more than one best PPC search engine, that’s right you technically do not have to choose either or!

While there are many, many more options out there other than the top PPC search engines on this list, I recommend sticking with these top 10 PPC’s for the bulk of your PPC advertising campaign budget. These are sites that are most frequently used not just by other PPC Advertiser’s like you, but by the biggest percentage of your prospective target consumer’s as well.

Some smaller PPC search engines include Search 123, Kanoodle, Page Seeker, LookSmart, SearchGalore, Clicksor, GenieKnows, Mamma,, Mirago, BrainFox,, Bidvertiser, SuperPages, WebsiteZone, Lycos, ePilot,, RedZee, ChaCha, and more. These sites are perfectly useable however they are not as user friendly for either prospective consumers or PPC Advertiser’s. You will find less traffic from these PPC search engines though you will also pay much less for your PPC campaigns on these sites as well. PPC Advertiser’s will not find as many of the perks on these lower traffic PPC search engines than you find on the Top PPC search engines.

Check out each PPC search engine and find the right one for you and your PPC marketing campaign. Keep in mind what is most important to your PPC Campaign and ensure that the top PPC search engine you choose offers it. The different luxuries each top PPC search engines might offer are things like Geotracking, PPC Fraud protection, Automated PPC tracking, and more.

Most importantly check in on your PPC advertising campaign regularly to ensure that the ad placed on the best PPC or any other PPC search engine is doing all that it should be doing for your company. PPC Marketing is not a do it once and forget it about it endeavor, checking up on how your ads are doing is important so you will not be spending money needlessly.

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