Top pay per click search engine software facilitates submission in engines.

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer, 09/06/2009

Pay per click search engine software has numerous features, however, just a few of the primary features of the search engine software is outlined here. Of these, SQL databases are the most powerful database systems capable of handling several Giga bytes of information safely with the maximum search speed and information retrieval. The facilities include all categories like mailing lists, accounts, users’ information, websites information, ratings, statistics and any other relevant data used by the software. These features make this software unlimited in capacity, speed and are extensively used by most of the pay per click search engines on the net. The package has built-in category manager in the “admin center” which generates unlimited number of categories and subcategory levels.  Individual segregations could be configured separately for creating Meta Tags like title, description and keywords.


The software, permitting static and dynamic live output in major pay per click search engines, can be used to develop a directory which works as pay per click engine or builds a search engine with static html pages.  In dynamic output the software will positions websites depending on their bids and will sort search results based on the search terms bids. Pay per click search engine software in static mode updates html pages every time the advertiser runs the build directory from the “admin center” or “automates” it with system programs. The full accounting system software is built to generate revenue from submissions and surfers. This pay per click search engine software allows the user, through account manager interface, to exercise full control over listings, bids and investment.


When the administration requires that users must open accounts for pay per click search engine submission to facilitate listings and search terms related to their listings, the keywords and position bidding software comes in handy. Account manager helps the users to bid on search terms and determine their placements in search results. In pay per click search engine submission, a webmaster with a listing within a specific search engine would open an account and make a deposit into it where the advertiser determines the lowest deposit and minimum bid. Once a deposit has been made the webmaster, from its account manager, would place bids on certain search terms or categories rankings. These bids indicate investments the webmaster is willing to expend to the advertiser each time someone clicks on their listing.


The pay per click search engines is amalgamated with full banner manager software SQL database to handle millions of impressions in heavy traffic sites. The banner server software allows development and management of unlimited accounts, campaigns, banner zones, groups and locations on templates. All banner call is concluded from the same main banner system for all zones so the advertiser does not have to copy scripts or configure anything. The banner also has a cash buster to prevent browsers from copying banner images. The banner server also has a full client report zone to scrutinize campaign statistics in different format on a periodical basis for each campaign.
The pay per click search engine software “admin center” has a multi-lingual manager that permits advertisers to create infinite number of languages and translate any language online or on personal computers in just minutes. The software is equipped with English language and any additional languages can be created from the language manager. The software uses all available languages which allow the surfers to select which language they want and the software will retain their language preferences. The language manager creates new languages, delete languages, edit languages’ text or search languages for specific text.


The pay per click search engine top is not restricted only to building the directory but also to developing rest of the websites tools. This includes, building pages About Us, Contact Us form, Announcements system with full admin control, Copyright, Privacy, Terms of use and Search help. The pay per click search engine software has admin options to “automate” all the pay per click search engine submission to go directly to the database or go for manual reviews, edit and acceptance of new submissions. Submissions include websites listings, new search terms and request to change current listings. If the client is not concerned about the directory contents then the software automatically accepts all new pay per click search engine submission that goes directly to the database.


Pay per click search engine software defines templates for category listing feature sites for every form, hyperlinks, cgi generated output, listings, navigations, and everything the program prints.  The software also permits defining unlimited number of listing templates and assigning a different template for each listing in the pay per click search engines. Custom functions can use the current program templates as well as define new templates to be used which indicate the advertiser can build new functions with their brand templates in pay per click search engines.


This pay per click search engine software not only builds the client’s own customized functions but also integrates their current scripts and programs with the software and inserts the programs output in the templates. The Easy Setup Wizard software is another vital and easy to use pay per click search engine software that configures even for the fresh pay per click advertisers. This software eliminates the requirement of the user being a programmer or professional to operate or manage the software. The software has built-in setup and configuration wizard that scrutinizes and creates directories, permissions, SQL tables and more. Pay per click search engine top has evolved attractive marketing strategies that are implemented by various clients. They have been categorized on the basis of traffic volume, users’ utilization and their reviews. The primary aspect the user must search in any pay per click search engine software is how far the software is customizable. Irrespective of its functional capabilities, if it is not 100% customizable then the software looses at least 80% of its applicability.

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