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Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/23/2009

Finding a quality source of traffic without going past your budget can be difficult.  Traffic exchanges are one of the best ways to generate traffic to your site.  Search engine optimization is mandatory for the growth of every internet business.  Search engine optimization results in visitors to your site.  However, getting to the top of the search engines is not an easy task.  It requires plenty of hits to your website and one of the greatest ways to generate hits is through a traffic exchange program.


Traffic exchanges are one of the best ways to generate traffic to your website.  There are new traffic exchanges popping up on the net every day, so it is not difficult to find a traffic exchange with the features you are looking for.  Traffic exchange forums are a great place to discuss traffic exchanges and find out what is reputable through hearing what other members are saying.  The topics on the forums are on traffic exchanges.  You will find the best traffic exchanges and a little knowledge about each, such as their ratios and other member’s successes with them.


Traffic exchanges began with the Paid to Surf programs.  The member would view the site and then click a button going to the next.  Advertisers paid the companies to have their sites viewed.  These sites became more and more popular and more and more of them began to exist.  The traffic exchange concept was taken from the banner exchange idea.

The trend is pretty much still the same.  New programs are introduced to the Internet every day, but the difference between the programs is the power they have to get your programs seen.  Traffic exchanges are one of the most effective and easy ways to generate visitors to your web site.


Traffic exchanges take up a tremendous amount of time and many owners opt to purchase their hits rather than surf for them.
Traffic exchange owners began popping up rapidly over the Internet.  This began to create a problem for the industry.  Many fly by night owners flooded the industry.  Quality was not regulated and many did not have the ability or the features necessary to make a lasting business. was the first online training center for new traffic exchange owners.  The original system educated and launched many successful owners of traffic exchanges.  However, today it focuses mainly educating the public to these programs and the successes that go with them.


Today there are basically three types of traffic exchange programs.  The manual traffic exchange, the auto surf traffic exchange, and the HYIP traffic exchange programs, all being an excellent way to generate traffic to your site.  The manual is by far the best for the webmaster that is seeking product promotion as well as generating hits to your site.
Many business owners are still cashing in on owning a traffic exchange.  For the interest to be owner you will need to focus on a hosting company that will specialize in your traffic exchange and hit exchange scripts.  Ventrino is the best hosting company for hosting your traffic exchange.  Ventrino Traffic Exchange hosting will provide you with the features to grow rapidly and regulate and maintain your site with the value that your members are depending on.
A cheap hosting is not Ventrino.  However, it is affordable and the quality that your traffic exchanges will require.  Ventrino offers the service of a smooth transition to existing traffic exchanges over to one of their servers and “overlapping” while the traffic exchange owner makes the move.  New traffic exchanges will be moved to one of their new servers.
Ventrino monitors the CPU and bandwidth used by all accounts; making certain that your website performance is not impaired by other sites.  While the typical hosting company uses bandwidth, the cost of 1GB over 100GB is no different.  The problem is the CPU % your site uses. An example would be a constant 1% would mean 100 similar sites could operate on the same server, but in reality it is different.  A server operating at 100% would be useless.  You will find trouble with anything over 20% in short bursts.  Ventrino is the state of the art traffic exchange hosting.  Realizing what is necessary for a successful operation.   Websites are often disabled because they have exceeded bandwidth or over used CPU.  Going with Ventrino will ensure all your needs as a traffic exchange web site owner.


Ventrino also offers Ventrino traffic exchange software scripts.  These are the most popular among traffic exchange owners for many reasons, features and support being the utmost.  The software script is packed with years of experience as it is written by the authors of the first ever traffic exchange.


There is not another combination on the net with the reliability and trust that Ventrino offers.  You can get the total package both through their hosting and through their software scripts.  For traffic exchange service they are the best.  This is mandatory when operating a safelist.  You want the most quality and the most service that a company offers and Ventrino will be that quality and service.  Downtime or a disabled traffic exchange can cost you your reputation on the World Wide Web and starting with the best will not lead you to becoming the best.  This is one of the most backed software’s and hosting on the World Wide Web and will be an excellent consideration for your traffic exchange business.  Research and make a wise decision.  The World Wide Web offers many traffic exchange software and you will definitely find one that is right for your exchange.

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