Top Three Advertising Agencies in Los Angeles to Watch

Staff Writer: Katrina Pallop

Date: July 27, 2012

The ever-evolving world of advertising is a difficult realm to thrive in. Companies large and small are struggling, these days, to keep up with the shifting landscape of digital and internet marketing. Because the old methods of reaching a target audience are all but obsolete these days—with new technologies replacing tried-and-true methods of marketing like TV commercials—the playing field is finally even. Here is a list of the best and brightest prospects coming out of the gate in terms of advertising agencies in Los Angeles.


            1. Gerry Graf: BFG9000

            The firm that Gerry Graf has started specializes in travel. Because this niche is an unprecedented             market, the firm needed to create a brave business strategy to educate its consumers about its   goods and services while simultaneously separating itself from the pack. To garner awareness          and spread the word about its capability, the Graf campaign chose a tone of darkly funny humor.         The core message of the advertising copy was that customers were dumb if they weren’t going       through Graf’s clients when it came to travel opportunities. A bold move, to be sure, but the   agency has since been growing and has a reputation for being very likeable.

            2. John Noe: Rokkan

            This boutique firm is composed of only fifty employees and based out of New York. In just this past year, the firm managed to double its revenue through digital advances. Recent acquisitions           include impressive brands like Stoli and Jetblue. These relationships are sure to inspire             confidence and lead more big investors to the firm’s door. Though its staff is small, this outfit is        able to excel in a wide range of digital services. With e-commerce specialists and social media      experts, this firm is a hard-working strategy machine that is dedicated to its costumers. With the       new attention it’s been gaining, the firm is sure to grow even more within the coming years.

            3. Antoinette Zel: La Comunidad

            Headed by a pair of Argentinian brothers named Joaquin and Jose Molla, as well as a former      executive from MTV Antoinette Zel  (an honorary sibling to the men), this independent firm borrows from the United States Hispanic market generally and mixes in a heaping helping of       international business. When Apple needed some work done in Latin America, for instance, La       Comunidad became its creative custodian for all of its advertising. The firm is responsible for   more than 50% revenue growth on that front, and the numbers just keep climbing! Utilizing the             ties between MTV and the marketing world in general, the team was able to create a humorous     web series to popularize its brand. You may recognize the series yourself: does “Spooky the   Hamster” ring any bells?

            These three firms, with their vastly different focuses and specialties, are sure to turn the advertising world around for the better. Any seo consultant Los Angeles has bred should learn a thing or two from these firms’ books, and start strategizing ways to keep up. The competition is fierce, and only the best will thrive.

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