Toy Store Strategies Work for Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization Company

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 6.14.2012


The typical person out shopping will generally be drawn in towards anything that is bright, shiny, or sparkly – anything that tends to stand out in a crowded marketplace on an overstuffed shelf.  At the toy store, there is always a bunch of noise making toys with buttons that have stickers placed on them reading “Try Me!” or “Push Me!”  And, of course, a kid is bound to press it – multiple times.  It is important to make sure it works, right?  It is these bright stickers telling us to push the button that we cannot resist.  The noise or movement the toy makes after a button is pushed just adds to the entertainment the child gets from pressing a switch.

This marketing technique of using bright and shiny things to attract attention does not have to be limited to a toy store.  There are many different ways the internet can channel the concept of these bright stickers to market items.  Using pictures and bright colors like the stickers on toys can direct viewers to click on the links if only to see where it will take them.  This idea is called a pay per click search.  Pay Per Click or engine internet marketing PPC search is a great way to get viewers linked over to another website.  Using vivid, colorful logos and slogans, viewers click on the link and are relocated to that website.  The internet is similar to the toy store here in the way that people cannot resist pushing eye catching buttons.

Another internet marketing strategy is using search engine optimization, abbreviated to SEO.  SEO also directs internet traffic towards a certain website.  But instead of colorful buttons, search engine optimization makes use of quality key words to steer viewers to links.

In terms of the toy story scenario, SEO is like the signs that hang in each aisle stating what types of toys will be found there.  The signs in the store are comparable to the key words found in an article linking to another site.  The key word is relevant to the other site but it is not specific.  Like the signs hanging in the aisles, the key word describes the general type of toy such as board games but it can direct the buyer to something more specific like the Scrabble board game.

These arrangements, both the toy store and websites alike, are set up by professionals to create less confusion for the consumer when searching.  With all the eye catching colors and animations, toy stores and websites can be pretty confusing places without the proper guidance and help along the way.  While toy stores have managers to take care of things, websites have a Los Angeles search engine optimization company to create order out of the chaos.  These companies make everything run more smoothly.

SEO companies take tactics like PPC and SEO to generate a greater following of viewers.  Companies such as these can really make all the difference.  The marketing techniques are proven to work and to be effective.

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