Try Managed Search Engine Marketing Innovative Strategies

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer

Date: 11-Aug-2010


  Managed search engine marketing services are designed for medium-sized and small businesses. The business strategy is to provide high quality ongoing search engine optimization and search engine advertising services at substantially lower costs than that provided by typical search engine marketing agencies or advertising agencies. Normally such companies have low overhead costs and the band of professionals of such organizations work hard to make the business more profitable. Their unique quality lies in the size of the business, which is generally small-scale, ensuring that the organizations work directly with search engine marketing experts.


The goal of managed search engine marketing is an establishment of long-term professional relationship with clients. The integration of knowledge shared by clients and the expertise of search engine marketing team helps in the exponential growth of on-line businesses. This strategy has worked well with clients till date and managed search engine marketing is sure to produce positive returns from this marketing plan. It also ensures that clients along with search engine marketing professionals would maintain a steady relationship. The majority of managed search engine marketing began as websites offering product details. Subsequently it has assumed astounding significance in on-line business growth and is today is a blend of theoretical knowledge and applied technical strategies.


Thesoftware not only builds the client’s own customized functions but also integrates their current scripts and programs with the software and inserts the programs’ output in the templates. The Easy Setup Wizard software is vital and easy to use search engine softwarethat configures even for the fresh pay per click advertisers. This software eliminates the requirement of the user being a programmer or professional to operate or manage the software. The software has a built-in setup and configuration wizard that scrutinizes and creates directories, permissions, SQL tables and more. Search engine marketinghas evolved attractive strategies that are implemented by various clients. They have been categorized based on traffic volume, users’ utilization and their reviews. The primary aspect the user must search in anysearch engine software is how far the software is customizable. Irrespective of its functional capabilities, if it is not 100% customizable then the software looses at least 80% of its applicability.


Nowadays, it keeps abreast of marketing dynamics and uses the Internet as the platform to promote goods and services by different modes of advertisement. The initial phase of managed search engine marketing revolves around search engine marketing, which enhances web traffic from search engines through organic search engine ranking, paid listing and advertising. It is a part of business marketing efforts that concentrates on increasing traffic to the website from search engines. In addition, it addresses conversion achieved by increasing search engine visibility.


It has been observed that managed search engine marketing techniques work better as they are speedier methods and paid listings operate differently as the site owner has to pay a certain amount that guarantees the inclusion of the site in the index. Mastering both methods and their proper combination would provide maximum search engine visibility. The objective of managed search engine marketing is not merely to find equilibrium between organic and paid listings but also to attain maximum conversion of visitors into a loyal client base. This marketing strategy is all about acquiring, analyzing and using the personal information of visitors, their behavioral traits on the site, the way they have located the website, the efficiency of advertising, conversion rates and e-Commerce information.


At the time of strategizing the promotional activities, it is necessary to personalize and characterize the brand as it evolves a unique company identitythrough managed search engine marketing.  It is a platform wherein the public-at-large is aware of a particular Company in the marketing segment. Some of the most important tools are developing an effective business card, logo and company identification. An effective business card drives the message home. The logo represents the organization and its perception. Similarly, the organization’s name also plays a dominating role in spreading the company’s image


To achieve on-line marketing success, it is imperative to plan a well-defined Internet marketing strategy that involves the location of a market, offering products or services that are in demand and that induces the clients to come to the site. This would guarantee a level of financial success. Once the idea of developing the client zone is clear, it is best to gauge what the current clients have in common through managed search engine marketing.

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