Try Marketing On-Line Advertising Campaigns For Success

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer

Date: 11-Aug-2010


Nowadays, marketing on-line advertising remains one of the most effective and speedy methods of Internet-based business promotion. It is believed by expert marketing professionals that this pattern would continue and strengthen with the passage of time. According to market research reviews, an astounding growth rate of 37% annually is forecasted and few predict that paid search sales would definitely fetch the U.S. market around USD $14 billion. The traditional methods of print and electronic media is losing its market share as web marketing, is steadily capturing their exclusive arena.


Advertisers have found marketing on-line advertising very simple and highly informative. They can control their Ad campaigns and simultaneously receive a better feed-back on their performance. With the increasing growth of on-line marketing activities, advertisers find this methodto be highly result oriented. It has also been noticed that the chief executive officers of leading organizations have mastered the art of writing their own corporate Ad campaigns for optimum results.  It has become vitally important before implementation to have a well planned and managed Internet campaign lest it may result in drainage of a substantial amount of corporate fund. The most important aspect of this advertising technique is that it speedily reaches the targeted market and guarantees high quality sales. However, one of its drawbacks is that this system is more expensive than the traditional methods of launching ads.


The best search engines with greatest market reach are offered by Google and Yahoo. The key to marketing on-line advertising lies in using appropriate keywords for attracting quality web visitors. It is necessary for pay-per-click Ad campaigns to be structured wherein the unproductive keywords could be filtered out and replaced by high performing keyword phrases.  A sophisticated keyword and Ad strategy is required when advertisers are planning to sell a specialized niche product range. To optimize performance, bidding on the appropriate keyword phrases, dynamic and thought-provoking writing along with attractive Ad copy and a well composed page, is required for targeting the most vulnerable audience range. If the advertiser is aware of the requirements of their prospective customers and, accordingly, plan out the outlay and solutions, marketing on-line advertising strategy would definitely guarantee good sales return making the advertiser feel rewarded by their consistent efforts.


As the web develops and expands, it is no longer sufficient to produce one page covering multiple topics – the content needs to be split. This can be achieved simply by reading the content and splitting it into diverse topics or aspects under different pages each based on their keyword niche. Let’s imagine that the client website deals in shopping bags. The content should cover size, strength and design of bags in separate pages. By this method, any surfer searching for shopping bag’s strength could straightaway click on the right page and Google ranks such pages very highly for relevance. The more comprehensively the subject is covered on the web the client’s niche reaches the targeted audience.


In marketing on-line advertising the campaign rules and regulations and their procedures are highly transparent. The highest bidder for a key phrase gets the primary spot, and this implies that only a result oriented keyword can attract the right type of searchers or consumers. This guarantees the Ad to be clicked regularly, which increases the organization’s business prospects. However, if the ads do not get clicked frequently it is removed from the search engine. For optimum yield from the Internet marketing campaign, it is mandatory to provide an inventory of products and service categories. In marketing on-line advertising, the consultants help the advertiser in selecting the right keywords for attracting the desired web traffic. This is possible through well structured text and ads that offer discounts, bonuses and uses the word “free” frequently.

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