Try On-line Web Marketing For Overall Growth

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer

Date: 11-Aug-2010


  On-line web marketing manifests thepower of Internet in a dynamic way by implementing cost-effectiveon-line advertising techniques. This strategic marketing approach helps clients’ business achieve better recognition by displaying their website on the primary page of major search engines. An Ad campaignattracts the attention of millions of web surfers at the very key juncture – when they are searching for information on search engines. The process of inviting traffic from search engines is generally termed “search engine marketing” whereas sponsored advertising on search engines is calledpay-per-click campaigns. This marketing tactic increases sales as well as provides further leads by inviting queries from interested web surfers.


Nowadays, clients have realized the true potential of paid search marketing as such activities have enabled them to increase the revenue from on-line marketing efforts in which the advertisers pay their host search engines only when their Ad is clicked. It allows more exposure while one can control the amount one wants to spend at the same time it effectively tracks their Ad campaigns. Through search engines, the paid search marketing advertisers normally focus on keyword phrases which are relevant to their target audience. On-line web marketing usually offers a flat rate per click or a bidding proposition. But this Internet advertising model might be misused. To prevent such occurrences majority of the leading search engines have implemented technological systems to safeguard against fraudulent clicking by unethical web developers.


The step-by-step guidelines for boosting advertising earnings are:


  • Connecting the Adwords and Analytic accounts.
  • Accumulating keyword data.
  • Export data on a spreadsheet.
  • Sorting out the highest earning keywords.
  • Determining the current page ranking with the saleable keyword in the site.
  • Optimizing those web pages for increasing rank of that particular keyword.

The cost structure of on-line web marketing is categorized under two segments, either flat rate or bid based. Factors governing pay-per-click campaignsinclude the keyword or phrase entered into the search engine, page content the targeted audience would browse, intention of the web visitor, location of the targeted audience as well as the time and day when web visitors are browsing the on-line site.


In case of flat rated campaigns, the advertiser and the search engine decide on a fixed amount that would be paid for each click. This system also reveals the number of visitors that are attracted to the website. On-line web marketing utilizes paid search marketing campaigns to display their Ad when the keyword query matches the keyword list or when the content site displays relevant content. In most cases the search engines have listed the cost per click rates within the various geographical regions of their network.


The different tariff rates in on-line web marketing are based on web content. Where the content information is attractive to an affluent client, they are charged an enhanced rate per click, while those contents which are of less interest and do not lure their valued customers are levied a lesser tariff. The flat rate model is usually a normal procedure of any shopping on-line web marketing site where the entire core content is generally paid ads. The Ad receiving the maximum targeted audience is displayed first but factors like Ad quality and relevance to the targeted audience also plays a prominent role in on-line web marketing.

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