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Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer

Date: 11-Aug-2010


Search engine optimization and SEO techniques are a part of any marketing campaign and is initiated to increase website traffic and conversion in order to improve the client’s return on investment (ROI). Research has confirmed that 70% to 80% of prospective web customers use search engines or directories to locate relevant content. In this connection, search engine optimization and SEO is the most widely accepted and result oriented method of attracting visitors to a website. Most of the affordable search engine optimization services have enhanced web traffic by more than 100% where the ROI is almost immediate.


Hiring a search engine optimization and SEO consultant is the first step towards attaining a better search engine ranking. When a search is performed on the Internet, it reveals that many niche websites, though having little traffic, continue to generate income. This is possible by the affordable SEO services which provide specific information on choosing the best key phrases, creating great keyword rich marketing copy, ideas for optimum titles and Mega Tags as well as techniques for acquiring better link to pages internally and externally.


Many Internet businesses fail not due to constraints of capital but owing to not having optimized the websites to the fullest extent. The best way to solve the problem is to have qualified and professional affordable SEO consultants who are capable of implementing innovative strategies and guide their clients to follow the instructions implicitly. Search engine optimization and SEO measures offer advertising campaigns that allow the site owners to attract customers they want either with a wide reach encompassing the entire world or within the confines of their immediate locality. This reveals the power and flexibility of search engine optimization and SEO.  


The strategies imbibed by search engine optimization and SEO consultants revolve on reviewing the client’s website regularly and compiling the sources of the website for articles and site submission. It also constantly evaluates the procedures to ensure that the client is most productive with the efforts spent on the website. Every guidelines provided by affordable SEO is carefully tailored to suit the client’s business situation. Organic SEO techniques are the best methods for acquiring visitors at the least cost.


Proper search engine optimization and placement is the primary goal that helps to promote a website and subsequently generates more traffic to the site. To achieve this aim, usage of “door way pages” are prohibited since search engines are designed to detect pages that are actually not part of the website. Search engines generally remove such “door way pages” from their database if spotted. Some search engines assign sites using such bad SEO ethics a low ranking. Search engine optimization and SEO achieves a website’s on-line marketing goals.


Client’s desire for search engine optimized site would proceed more smoothly if:


  • Title of each listing is 30 characters or fewer including spaces.
  • A description is prepared for each listing that is 100 characters or fewer including spaces.
  • Reviewing keyword tips and guidelines provided by the search engines prior to finalizing keyword selection.
  • Using Word Tracker Keyword suggestion Tool for determining general search popularity of the client’s keyword term.


Search engine optimization and SEO provides optimum results to their clients as their submissions are performed manually by trained web technicians. This enables the site to acquire excellent placement in major search engines. The programs offered by affordable SEO are ideal for small organizations looking out for ways to create an impact on the Internet.

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