Try Search Marketing For Projecting Brand Image

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer

Date: 11-Aug-2010


Search marketing has drastically changed the way businesses are run and promoted. The extensive usage of the Internet has considerably narrowed the gulf between big and small businesses. Small business owners in increasing magnitude are using the power of the Internet to bring their businesses out into the open. Search marketing keeps abreast of marketing dynamics to ensure that a website ranks well in local area searches. This suggests that people are trying to narrow their searches in the immediate vicinity or neighborhood.


This trend has developed since people want to know whom they are dealing with on-line that enables them to contact the outlet if necessary. Search marketing has made people aware of the importance of community who are interested in giving more business to local merchants.


In this connection, it is recommended to contemplate the following considerations when initiating Internet marketing:


  1. Yahoo search engine excels when it comes to adding community in local search. The results are extremely helpful for people wishing to find information relating to their own area. An example being during the selection of a shop, normally all the consumer generated recommendations are observed. In the event of the recommendation coming from a known contact, a star is placed next to the recommendation. In this manner, not only the other consumers’ opinions are known but also about the people from whom the recommendations are coming.


  1. Mobile – It is suggested that sufficient attention should be paid to mobile search market since people can search for their requirements from the nearest retail outlets.


  1. Press Releases – Taking the help of Press Releases gives a boost to local businesses when doing something new and exciting on-line or off-line.


  1. Local City Searches – City search is a great source of local information for sites such as MSN, and many others.


  1. Contact Information – Those websites which have addresses and phone numbers within the address tag on the contact page or any other page, specifically on the home page, is known to be more effective. Such type of information builds the trust rank value of the site, too.


It is also advised by experts of search marketing to see that the site matches the guidelines of local relevant directories. Submission of organizational listings to the top directories like the Yahoo Pages and Local Search Engines such as Google Local Business Center and Ask Business Search brings in enhanced web traffic in the form of queries. Setting the geographic location in Google Webmaster Tools could help in diverting good customers who are in the immediate locality. If such customers cannot find the website in the local listings, they might never know the presence of the organization or its products / services that are available right at their door step.


Interesting information from local search algorithms can be gauged through URL referrals and Re-Tweets counts. Other interesting aspects of local search include:


  • People Re-Tweeting on the individual links / comments.
  • Trustworthy people sharing and exchanging links or Tweets.
  • Exposes whether the activity around the topic is escalating or going down.


Search marketing strategy involves location of a market, offering products or services that induce the client to come to the site which guarantees financial success.

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