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Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer

Date: 11-Aug-2010


The overview on search optimization engine explains the methodologies of applying SEO in overall web strategy. SEO is integrated at every step of Internet business. It does not merely help in the positioning of a site in the search rankings but is about positioning a site in the market. Search optimization engine acts as a potent tool in the realm of search engine marketing. It helps to tap a wider range of audience and is the most economical on-line marketing tool.


In this context, following the SEO strategies for a business website is essential:


  1. Site map – This aspect is very important as far as SEO business is concerned. It reveals all the relevant web pages at one place and at the same time informs visitors as well as “spiders” where to find all the relevant pages of the website.


  1. SEO compliant URLs – This important aspect is accentuated insearch engine optimization where static URLs find more favor in web pages as they help the “spiders” to crawl the URL without difficulty. Dynamic URLs contain symbols which restrict the web pages from being crawled.


  1. Title tags – This is the most vital feature and plays a crucial role in targeting the desired niche market and web audiences. Compelling and relevant keywords needs to be inserted in the title tag and should be identical with the web content of each page of the website.


  1. Improving site speed – This has become an important ranking parameter and one needs to ensure that the loading time of the website is quick.


Another prime factor required when evaluating the effectiveness of is the usage of relevant and targeted keywords. This feature makes it easier to promote client website on the vast Internet and the efforts, too, would be adequately rewarded. An ideal step in this direction is to start keyword research through mapping rival competitors for the use of any targeted keywords. Search optimization engine enable clients to drive the most targeted audience to their website.


In the context of optimizing local search it has been noticed that around 60% to 65% web visitors visit the Net to seek information about domestic companies. These small business owners create free local business listings in various search engines and such search optimization engine techniqueslike acompelling and unique content is the USP ofSEOsince it engages the attention of web audiences and helps to develop a long-lasting relation with client base.


Creating blogs provide information about the business aspects. Search optimization engine appreciates good content and suggests blogs constant renewal with fresh content that augments the SEO efforts of the website. All the above search optimization engine strategies play a crucial role inbusiness campaigns. The strategies help business owners with limited finance to compete successfully with larger MNCs. The above mentioned techniques are intended to help one start a well-organized foray into the world of SEO and realize their dream of on-line success.

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