Try Web Site Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer

Date: 01-Sep-2010


Many practice web site search engine optimization for optimizing the site’s web pages. It is defined as websites finding top position in search engines. The websites also retain the post for a long time. The primary focus of search optimization is that website owners can accrue monetary benefits, since they can attain a good position in search engine results page. This status can be achieved when the web content is relevant and informative. Links appear naturally on the search results page as the site is acknowledged as being trustworthy.


Web site search engine optimization keeps the site owner’s website on the search results page for considerable length because the site provides the search engines exactly what they are looking for that is relevancy. None of the website owners can achieve content relevancy by paying for it. The site owner can claim to have an authoritative website only when they constantly generate and update content that people are interested in as well as appreciate. As long as the site owner ensures adequate web traffic of relevant content, it can be readily presumed that other websites would link to it, and search engines always appreciate links from trustworthy sites.


To design best optimized websites the following guidelines are suggested:


  • Title of each listing is 30 characters or fewer including spaces.
  • A description is prepared for each listing that is 100 characters or fewer including spaces.
  • Reviewing keyword tips and guidelines provided by the search engines prior to completing keyword selection.


Web site search engine optimization builds trust since the site owners are constantly adding natural content to the website and this indicates that they are truly involved with the material that is being displayed on the website. It also shows that the site owner is genuinely interested in conducting regular business and has not created the business website on a whimsical basis. Organic content endorses and manifests the in-depth knowledge of the business website owner in whatever products or services they are involved in. Since many site owners are competing for the same spot at the same time, they often find that they are paying a lot to appear at the desired spot on the search results page. Often bidding on AdWords Ad is quite expensive whereas with organic search optimization, the same key phrase can appear on the search results page for a considerable period without the site owner having to pay for every click.


However, it is also true that for bigger companies who can afford PPC programs the outcome is often fantastic. But for companies or individuals with limited funds, who has the desire to attain success in business, can achieve it when they organically optimize their website. Web site search engine optimization can be acquired by the natural way like “optimizing content”. This implies not practicing “keyword stuffing” rather emphasizing on relevant content, strategically placing keywords for optimum utility and writing well-meaning good content that specifically describes the products or services and conveys the site owner’s message with clarity. This helps the business based website owner to achieve web site search engine optimization. The site owners should be creative enough to interest web audiences with relevant content.


Search engines appreciate good content and gauge the real relevance of web pages by natural links that develop automatically. Search engines black-list purchased links since it defeats the whole purpose of content relevancy. Including Meta tag and other tag attributes, especially in “title” and “description”, are given importance by search engines. In such cases, web site search engine optimization prefers websites to have keywords in the “alt” attribute of the tag.

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