Trying SEO on Your Own or Hiring a Los Angeles SEO Agency?

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.15.2012



Google has recently changed its search engine’s algorithm.  That’s right – when you type in keywords in to the search bar results do not come up randomly.  There is a scientific and mathematical algorithm to the way Google comes up with results for you.  It has updated this equation to give you better results the first time for what it is you are searching for.  This new and improved Google finds websites that not only mention the keywords you typed in but also is a high quality site.  Google has raised the bar in search engine standards.


With recent changes in the Google algorithm, it is pertinent to have good content on a website so your site shows up in a Google search rather than Google passing it over because it has low quality.  The website has to have some sort of value to the reader.  The content should be of a high quality and something that the person who is reading it will want to share it or a link of it with friends and family.  Even with readers sharing the article or a link to the article, it can still be difficult for a website to get a lot of views from other people.  But do not start worrying just yet…There are ways legitimate ways for you to get the kind of views you wish for and to start a loyal following of your website.


The trick is to know how to utilize SEO.  SEO stands for search engine optimization.  Basically, it is a phrase that labels the trick you are going to use to get your website noticed by Google and, therefore, increases the number of views it gets and the number of followers you make.


Most think that search engine optimization means stuffing as many keywords as possible in to an article and then loading the page up with links.  This will not work with the updated algorithm on Google.  The algorithm looks specifically for this sort of trickery and will immediately label it as a low quality site.  Doing this will hurt your website more than help it.  Instead, make sure to keep the content natural.  While you should use some keywords to make the site more search friendly, too many keywords will make it painful for the reader to read.  If you happen to have someone come across your article stuffed full of keywords and they read it, they will become immediately turned off from any of your other works.  You will be taking two steps back instead of moving forward.


It is a fine balance between good SEO and spam SEO.  While you may be able to handle it yourself, it may be best to hire a professional.  At the very least talk to an SEO consultant Los Angeles and check out some Los Angeles media companies and a Los Angeles SEO agency.  They have been working with SEO for a lot longer than you have and know how to work with Google.  Otherwise, you have the task of trying to make SEO work for you.

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