Trying your Hand at Search Engine Success Begins with Simple Web URL Submit to Google and Directory Sites and the Art of Promotion to Soar to the Top.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 9-14-2009

The Internet was an innovation that swept the nation in every corner of the world and every generation.  It has become a community of businessmen, marketers, shoppers and students.  It entered the homes and offices of nearly everyone worldwide and it has made successes of the ordinary person.  It has become the way of operating businesses and keeping books, it has become the encyclopedia for the student to gather information through, and it has become a shopper’s delight.  It has broken records in making entrepreneurs dreams come true.  And, it has given the world opportunity to seek fortunes and work from home.  It has made history in less than twenty years with a technology that had never been seen before.  It is technical but based on a simple concept, and, it has become something that everyone relies upon and many have become addicted to, it is the Web and the benefits it offers makes the head spin.  Opportunity can be achieved with an investment of time and an open mind frame to learn the virtual world of the Internet and its marketing media.  This is what has made so many successful in every part of the world, young and old alike, educated and uneducated and making dreams come true.  It is attracting more people each day, interested and curious, wanting to try their hand at what opportunity there may be for them.  It is the 2000’s and the stories are many and Internet success has happened.  The Internet has become a community of independent workers, traditional businesses and dreamers of every generation and every nationality trying to build financial independence with the will to succeed.

Support on the Net for the online business person is wide.  Marketers unite on the Internet, sharing with one another techniques, softwares and marketing methods of what is successful and what works.  Information is readily available and often times free.  It is a learning process that takes only the investment of time.  It is devotion that many have taken the interest of learning the art of the Internet media to perform successful entrepreneurship.  It requires time and energy but success rates are high and the willingness to help one another is huge.  It can be the best performance of one’s life.  Advertising is the key ingredient, however, so is success, and true success will be found in the search engines.  You must submit web URL to many of the search engines such as to submit my URL to Google prior to advertising.

Submitting your URL to the search engines does not guarantee that the site will be listed in the search engine results.  It does increase the odds however.  Submission on many search engines such as Google can include the webmaster to include keywords or comments.  These must be extremely well thought out and relevant to the site as they will appear below your advert.

  1.  Submission should be too many of the search engines and not just one and the submission guidelines should be followed.
  2. Sites such as Google have a guideline tool page which a marketer can easily access for education and ensuring that they are following the correct procedures to have their site in top approval.
  3. Search engine submission sites are recommended and a list can be found at: – 17k

Finding your product or service to promote on the Internet is relatively simple.  There is every business imaginable to represent.  This is an undertaking of becoming a company representative or on the Internet an affiliate.  It can begin at no cost and build into enormous profits.  It is finding your niche and expanding upon it.  It is what has brought many six figure incomes and what all the bussle is about.  It is worldwide and entering the doors of every home.  Sites such as Commission Junction and Clickbank offer a huge selection of affiliate programs which can be applied by the affiliate.  This is a simple way to get your feet wet and to begin at no cost.  It is the mere selection of a product or service to represent and then properly promoting the company.  It allows the affiliate to earn income through each lead or sale they bring the company and it is a way for an affiliate to earn the additional income and / or work from home opportunity that they are seeking.  You will need to submit web URL and advertise.

Promotional marketing on the Internet is relatively simple.  It requires a skill which can achieve through dedicating oneself with education on the different marketing methods.  It is time consuming, but the ideal end result will outweigh any doubts.  However, without knowledge and proper promotion it will not occur.  Efforts will be useless and energy wasted.  One must learn the art of marketing to succeed.  This can be accomplished through hiring a professional, taking online 101 training classes or even enroll in college.  There are many sites such as on the Web that have a library of marketing methods indexed for the online marketer to gain knowledge and seek assistance when marketing.

Search engines are the bread and butter of the Web and to be listed in the search engines it is a must to submit your URL to Google as well as submit web URL to other Internet search engines.  There are many search engines and a marketer can submit to web directory sites to have his submission submitted to many at one time.  One simple search in the engine asking how to submit my URL to Google and other engines will produce unbelievable results.

Submit your URL to Google and to search engines is not enough.  It will take promotion to have the site listed. This will be achieved through a combination of marketing methods.  Both Search Engine Optimization and Pay per click are extremely useful for search engine ranking.  Both these forms of advertising quickly list the marketer’s website in the top positions of the search engines.  Other forms of advertising include email campaigning, traffic exchanges, forums, text ad exchanges, video email, pod cast, blogging and social networking sites.

The marketer can make their success on the Information superhighway and gathering the right tools and accessing the right knowledge to learn the skill of marketing will be the success that one makes for them on the Information superhighway.  Knowledge is abundant.  And, for those with a budget that allows a professional it is wise to seek one.  This is to ensure that valuable time is not wasted along with valuable dollars.  Campaigning, if done improperly can be costly and outweigh the dream of financial independence.  Remember to submit to web directory sites and advertise for the most views to your site.

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