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TuneWiki is by no means just another lyrics site haphazardly created for the sake of web traffic or to build links. It is a well thought out site that also offers other features aside from lyrics. That’s why it certainly deserves high ranking in search engine results. We are proud in claiming that we have played a significant role in making TuneWiki top or be on the first page of search engine results for a number of relevant keywords.

Our search engine approach is simple. We try to find the best keyword phrase that works for our client’s website. We are ambitious but realistic. We always strive for the number one position but we know how to set achievable goals and to focus on options that deliver the best possible results. We focus on a number of keywords that can provide the most traffic to our clients’ websites. Increased client visibility and greater website traffic are our top priorities. Everything we do is anchored on the need to make sure that a site gets easily found online and that being easy to find translates to traffic.

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After implementing our optimizations and applying complementing solutions on Tunewiki, we helped increase the site’s visibility and traffic by more than 1,500%. That’s over 15 times the site’s old level of visibility and traffic. From the simple concept of being a lyrics site, the traffic Tunewiki has been steadily getting is helping it grow to become one of the bigger online destinations for lyrics. Google will even direct users to Tunewiki for the keyword phrase “largest collection of lyrics.”

A site needs traffic to grow unless it is intended for some private audience. We at Sticky Web Media will provide the solutions necessary to make a site establish its online presence and generate traffic. We were able to do it for Tunewiki; we will certainly be able to do it for other sites.