Types of Links Your Local Search Engine Optimization Company Tracks

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.23.2012


Website owners think they are doing a great job at tracking every link to their website.  Most website marketers track website referrals from search engines, backlinks from other websites, and paid search advertising.  There is still quite a number that falls under “Direct Traffic.”  Where do those visitors come from?  How can you perfect the sources that are bringing them in?

Google Analytics can be used to create campaign tracking.  This will help keep track of your URLs and the traffic they bring in.  But after you have set it up be sure to remember to use them on everything.  Some links you will over look or not even think to bother tracking.  Those web links usually turn out to be the ones that are bringing in the most traffic.

Signature links are one of those that are overlooked.  You have them in your emails, but do you know if people click the URLs or not?    Email signature links do not get a lot of action, but it is good to put a tracker on them just to know the number.

In your website’s content, you should have call-to-action buttons or text links, especially when you are wanting to provoke a specific response from your website’s visitors.  Your optimization company would suggest adding trackers to them.  While you may think they do not get much action, you would be surprised how often they really do.

Keeping track on offline marketing is also important.  Offline marketing includes, radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and business cards.  Does your business have a sign with a URL on it?  What about the URL on your business’ car? Be sure to make it a tracking URL so you know what is bringing in site traffic for you.

One of the things a local search engine optimization company suggests when optimizing your website is to write content such as articles, blogs, and newsletters.  There is great power of having that kind of content and even having guest articles from other websites in your industry.  Tracking these links will add more weight to your analysis, especially tracking the backlinks.  This will allow you to see which articles are bringing in the most site traffic.

Tracking the links in social media statuses is important in determining their effectiveness towards boosting traffic.  Add tracking codes to the URLs in your profile links that return to your site.  That way you can see which profiles are actually bringing in traffic and which are not.  Knowing this will help decide which social media marketing accounts need to be reworked to better bring in more of your target audience and which are doing alright.

Campaign tracking codes added to your URLs will help you to determine what is working and what is not, in bringing in website visitors.  You will also be able to see what your visiting traffic does once it gets to your website’s webpages.  From there you can determine which areas you need to perfect to bring in more traffic.

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