Types of SEO Link Building Service for Better Visibility

Staff Writer: Katrina Pallop

Date: July 26 2012

It’s a question that has stuck in the minds of webmasters the world over: is it sometimes better to build links from the ground up? Is there a formula for building links that will stand up to the strains of heavy traffic and heavier competition? Perhaps a ground-up way of approaching link building can lead to better bounce-back time if something goes wrong—it cannot hurt to explore the option.

But what is the elusive template for building new links? It’s possible to discover the secret, if you are well-versed in the workings of the site at hand, and how to make it perform to its best capacity. There are already tools in place to get you started: namely, Google’s Webmaster Tools and Analytics. This is a key SEO link building service, despite what some may say about giving another company your information. However, understanding the way in which search engines see your work is very important. While there are cheaper versions of this tool, it is better to go for the original in terms of quality SEO Link building service.

The tools that Google offers you provide information about the kinds of users who are linking through your site and where they are coming from. The program is one that you can personalize, and functions with a dashboard capability for easier interfacing. This way, the information you need is at your finger tips even as you begin to build your links.

Here are the most common types of links you’ll be building:

            Directory Links

            Though this kind of link is one of the oldest, it’s time in the spotlight has come and gone. Better to             expend effort on links that are wider-reaching and capable of bringing more traffic.

            Blogroll Links

            Some believe that blogroll links have been abused so much that they may actually work against you rather than for you. It is possible to salvage this particular kind of technology if you are            thinking cumulatively. Try not to oversaturate pages with blogroll links, which are sitewide links.

            Sitewide Links

            These links appear on every page of the given site. Sometimes, they appear as blogroll links,     sidebar links, or footer links. The problem with this sort of link is that people assume that because       there are multiple pages to a site, sitewide links generate more traffic than other links, which is            simply not true. All of the links on all of the pages are counted as one link. Better to be strategic      about placement, rather than rely simply on quantity over quality. Sitewide links can also clutter a site and discourage users.

So, while each sort of link comes with its drawbacks and benefits, there is a wide range of results that you can expect from each of the different varieties. Choose carefully and place your effort where it will be the most beneficial. Choose the SEO link building services that will work best from you, and you are sure to get more traffic per link than you would with a mismatched link choice.

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