Unique Organic Search Engine Submit and Optimization Submission Rankings.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/18/2009

Search engine rankings are the position placement of web businesses and information site in the search engine result listings.  For a business to be listed in the top ten positions in the search engine results it is sheer gold.  Search engine optimization is the technique in which many marketers, webmasters and affiliates use to take them to the top in the search engine rankings.  This is the best form of advertising to gain your site presence on the World Wide Web.


Organic search engine optimization is the “natural” process of visitors to your website.  This is normally referring to free channels or methods of advertising.  The organic search engine optimization are appearing in the search result listings normally because of their relevance to the search terms entered opposed to them being adverts.  Google Pay Per Click is a prime example, although this is search engine optimization, it is not organic search engine optimization as the webmaster must pay for the advert listings in the search results.


Of the search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing Include advertising in their search results.  The adverts will be shown on the same page as the top ten listing page results. These adverts appear to look like the search engine top results only they are shown on the right hand side.  Most search engines users do not distinguish them from the search engine results listing.


Pay per click, although not a ‘natural or organic” form of search engine rankings is a preference among many marketers.


Reasons to engage in pay per click:

  1. Instant listing
  2. No modification to website for being recognized in the search engines
  3. Targeted, valuable traffic
  4. Cost efficient
  5. Easily understood
  6. Increases profits


The pay per click campaign is one in which the marketer will select keywords and keyword phrases and will bid a cost per click value among other marketers in an open auction held by the search engines.


Education is necessary and one can access tools such as a keyword research tool which allows you to measure the most popular and gives suggestions for alternatives at such sites as:

  1. GoogleWebmasterTools.com


When selecting keywords you should select not only the most popular keyword phrases that are reasonable in price but alternative phrases to the same keywords.



Search engine optimization is normally practiced using a combination of both organic search engine optimization and inorganic techniques or methods.


Optimization is a part of the master plan of SEO to benefit from the many Internet channels of media which one can easily access.  You will design your site to be search engine friendly and develop content using keywords and keyword phrases.


The keyword phrases will be placed:

  1. Meta tags
  2. Title, Subtitle
  3. HTML code
  4. Throughout the content, but especially in the first paragraph


Density of keywords and phrases should not be more than 2 – 5% or the webmaster will be penalized by the search engines.




Once you have created your optimized your web site you will be ready to begin the process of advertising your website through the World Wide Net.


Just the simple search engine submission of your website is not enough.  You will also need popularity and relevant information on your website to achieve high rankings in the search engines. This is achieved of course through your content of your website and through targeting prospects to visit your website.  Each visitor to your website is a vote to your website.  The goal is to have more votes or visitors to your website pushing you into the top of the search engine rankings.


There are millions of search engine submit sites on the World Wide Web.  You obviously will want to be in as many search engine listings as possible but your main focus will be on the major search engines.  These are Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask search engines.


The place to begin advertising is to your targeted audience.  This is the audience that will be the most interested in your product or service.  It is quite obvious that even before you begin the designing of the website you would have earmarked the kind of audience you want to target. Once your website is ready, you will need to find the niche market through search engine and then optimize according to the keywords.


The World Wide Web offers nearly every kind of marketing media that exists.  You may chose to advertise through email campaigns, forums, social networking sites, banner placements or video campaigning.  All are successful and a combination of methods is normally the best.


When you begin your advertising campaigns place an ad tracker on your campaigns.  This will allow you to know where each of your visitors to your site is coming from.  Ad trackers can be found for free on the Internet.  There are many sites that offer the service at no cost and are very good.


Listen to what other marketers are doing to be successful.  Most everyone on the Internet is very helpful with one another and with sharing their success and failure stories.  Adlandpro and DirectMatches are a great place to make contacts.  Be sure to introduce yourself when you become a member and begin chatting with different marketers to get a grasp of where they are finding their success.


Remember too that blogging has become a big development on the World Wide Web.  Bloggers have developed a wonderful community of their own and it has become a great way to gain followers to your product or service.  Blogging does have to be maintained with new information and updates throughout the month.  You may arouse a lot of interested followers to your company and it is well worth it.


And of course remember that knowledge is everything and to hire a professional service is something that if your pocketbook can afford is a great option.  Many marketers hire professionals while they are in the process of learning themselves or hire a professional indefinitely.  The professional is a skilled trained professional that has the experience to take your business to the top.  Like in any business there are the top professionals and those that are not that good.  Make certain that you do some research and know that the company you are going with can produce results.

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