URLs are the Foundation of SEO Los Angeles

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.14.2012


Every website created has a URL, otherwise known as a uniform resource locator.  A URL is different for every site created because it is a code that tells the computer which website to pull up from the internet.  It has to be different otherwise it becomes confusing which site has to be brought up.  An example of a URL is http://google.com.  This URL will only take you to the Google homepage and nowhere else.


The URL is important to marketing a website because it has to be easy for the Internet searcher to remember.  While there are other ways of getting to a website such as googling it, it is quicker if you have the exact URL or web address on hand.


This is why the URL name is important in SEO marketing.  SEO stands for search engine optimization.  It is a marketing technique used for creating more views of a specific website.  A lot of online businesses use this marketing technique to increase the number of people who find their site and therefore increase customers and sales numbers.


When marketing a site, the URL must be memorable, simple, short, and lowercase.  You can probably remember a number of web addresses because they meet these four criteria.  A URL must be memorable so people do not have to waste time looking it up. It has to be simple enough to describe where the site is taking you.  A URL should use words rather than numbers.  Short URLs are better because they are easier to remember.  The URL can be made to have both upper and lowercase letters but this can be confusing.  Besides, most people use all lowercase when typing web site addresses and emails so it would make sense that they would continue this habit.  By having uppercase letters in the URL, it just leads to a little more confusion and may not give the searcher the site he or she is looking for.


SEO Los Angeles uses these guidelines when creating URLs for the links they make.  As a marketing tactic, Los Angeles SEO places links on a variety of different sites that are relevant to the topic the links lead to.  These links can be placed on all kinds of different sites but a lot are placed on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  The links work well on the social media sites because they can be shared by many people.  The more the links are shared, the more people can reach the site that Los Angeles social media marketing people are advertising for.


SEO and URL go hand in hand.  SEO works mostly by links and URLs are one of the basic elements in creating these links.  By following some basic guidelines that were previously mentioned, SEO becomes more effective.  Most of these guidelines are common sense, but it is good to remember and really think about what they are to make certain that you produce good, strong URLs.  If these guidelines are followed, you can create links like any SEO professional in the social media marketing business.


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