Use On-line Marketing Promotion Dynamic Techniques

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer

Date: 11-Aug-2010


  On-line marketing promotion depends onprominent display of primary keywords such as the company name on the first page of search engines. Social networking sites put great emphasis on advertisement since this is one of the primary ways of converting the targeted audience into buyers. These websites play a very powerful role in on-line marketing promotion provided the Internet marketers know how to use the networking sites effectively. Good website content attracts thousands of free search engine visitors to the site. Social media sites share on-line video and articles that and entertain people as well as builds a relationship with them. Social networking sites are good places to share the content and for optimum results, it is best to create and post new original content on a regular basis. If the content is specifically geared to attract the targeted audience, then there are chances that more qualified customers would be attracted to the site.


The prime feature of social media is its vast outreach, which spreads from small to large audiences through its various mediums like blog posts, forums and comments and is the primary source of on-line marketing promotion. The social media tools are generally available to everyone at little cost but can reach a global audience. It is a platform enabling on-line communication between web users. The connectivity aspect between individuals is highlighted when people share common mutual contacts like place of work, interests, beliefs, locations and values. Today more people are embracing such networking sites to increase their knowledge pool and enhance their brand value for facilitating an on-line marketing promotion.


Each business has a specific marketing strategy that has proven to be the best tactic for destroying a rival site’s organizational plans. On-line marketing promotion exposes the needs of the customers by obtaining their feedback. A particular note on pricing, quality and service offered by rival sites also helps in retaining on-line client base. It becomes difficult to reach a sound marketing and promotional decision without having any information on the wants and needs of web customer base.


On-line marketing promotion entails a thorough knowledge of price structure of the commodities, repeatedly contacting the suppliers, communicating complaints and using an inventory control system. A striking logo, which is memorable and marketable, establishes a brand-recognition and enhances the site owner’s image. The website promotion plan is the blue print for marketing. It includes the basics like budget, Media plan and creative approach.


Each marketing program has guidelines that the client has to review. If they commit mistakes they are warned. The domain name listed below the title can influence reader’s perception of the quality and relevance ofweb content. If the current domain name sounds unrelated or too promotional sounding, the advertiser should consider getting a new domain with a name that conveys a meaningful message. A vital aspect to deliberate upon is how the client’s product salability can be conveyed to the webtraffic in catchy yet effective phrases. The best marketing programs address the specific needs of web searchers and coordinate their requirements with the clients’ products.


On-line marketing promotion allows the smallest businesses to reach a global audience at minimum cost. The product’s sales or services on the web generate revenue that makes a difference between successful business and a failure. Setting up a professional web presence requires consultation with experts in this field, who have experience in web designing and e-Commerce.


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