Using Anchor Text in Search Engine Optimization.

It is a well known fact that in order to rank well with search engines, a page must have a large number of inbound links (link popularity) where the wording of the links imply that link Anchor text also plays a vital role. Search engines like Google and Yahoo are nowadays paying a great deal of attention to the Anchor text of the links pointing to a website. There are strong indications that search engines would continue to be influenced by Anchor text links and this trend is here to stay.

An example of how important link Anchor text is can be ascertained by a website design. The 100 links pointing to a homepage had Anchor text where all of them said “click here“. This unfortunately does not disclose to the search engines much about the site. The search engines therefore have trouble discerning whether the site is about web design when crawling the text of the web page, and most likely would not assign the page a good position in the search results pages. However those website owners who instead of using the terminology “click here” in the Anchor text explicitly used “web design”, in such cases the search engines simply assumed that the website was an authority on web design, and instantly assigned the site a higher ranking.

Similarly there are other factors that reveal search engines pay considerable attention to the link Anchor text in search engine optimization. This factor has gained in importance as most companies that rank very high use the company page as their search term. Incidentally a company’s name is usually the most popular and has brand value. The Anchor text should always include the client’s preferred keywords, the words normally most people will type in the search engine’s search box to locate the page. While the website owner may not be able to influence the Anchor text used by people who spontaneously link to their website, there are other instances in which they do have control specially when listing the site in directories.

The website owner can also control the Anchor text used by reciprocal link partners. The best way to ensure that they would use the right Anchor text, is by providing them not only the URL and website name, but also the exact HTML code one would want them to use to link to their website, inclusive of the preferred link Anchor text.


Internal linking benefits web visitors as they can easily access the information in the website and automatically the web visitors would be inclined to spend more time. Owning several websites and linking them to each other also increases the page rank of the website in search engines. But the website owners must be careful and host their websites with different companies for attaining positive search results in search engines. In this context web owners should keep in mind that it is necessary to exchange links with reputable sites with topics that are related to the individual’s website. The partner link page should be accessible from their home page and should not contain too many outbound links. These guidelines when using Anchor text links definitely influences search engine optimization of any website.

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